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Back in The Saddle

Well, technically, the saddle is a chair.


At my desk inside the master bedroom. That’s where I keep my laptop.

The Fall Semester has ended and the Holidays have passed, (Thank God! They were exhausting, weren’t they?)

While I am awaiting the start of Spring classes at my local Community College, I’ve been trying to make use of the downtime with WRITING!

And just in case you’re interested, I am working on the third and final book in my thrilling Sci-Fi trilogy!

The book is called REACTION and I’m planning on releasing late this year.

Still tinkering with the cover

INERTIA  and …

*free with Kindle Unlimited!

*free with Kindle Unlimited!


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*also FREE with Kindle Unlimited

were the first two, and as exciting as those plots were, this last one is going to blow them both out of the water. AtomicBomb

I’m just over 20k words so far, but the book is already plotted out in my head! The final, BIG ending is going to be SO much FUN to write. I can’t wait for you all to read it.



Sneak Peek at Force, Releasing 10/10!

Here’s an excerpt from my forthcoming novel, Force, the sequel to last years, Inertia … this is from the non-copy-edited version, but it’s still awesome!



A massive blue funnel stretches up from the ground. It’s at least five times the size of the one in Ivanhoe. As it materializes, stretching up to the clouds with its heat and wind, snaking gracefully between the buildings, coating the bricks in heat and soot, I’m mesmerized.

The firm lines of the buildings beyond it bend from the heat. The mouth of the burning cone doesn’t face the ground like it did in Ivanhoe. It faces upward like it’s waiting for Daemon who’s still drifting in free-fall.

Are you really going to jump off a building? I ask myself as I take in the scene, trying to recall how many flights of stairs I climbed chasing Daemon. How many stories? Couldn’t have been more than seven. Maybe eight.

That’s survivable. Right?

“Sack up,” I tell myself and then take a gulp of air and hold it. He’s got my stones, not my balls.

Daemon blurs into the rainbow interior of the gateway. And I leap, just like he did, only less dramatic. I dive headlong after him rather than placing my arms out at each side like a moron.

After I’ve flung myself into the scorching storm, as I’m sailing through the blazing wind, that’s the moment I realize how stupid this is.

The rocks are what protected me from the gateway. I’m not in their protective bubble. I’m outside the funnel, contorted by the violent blue fog that burns and pushes me back from the upturned opening instead of suctioning me inside.

I’m not falling, but twisting and thrashing through the wind, making for the window that hovers high above the ground. Moving my arms and legs like I’m swimming against the current.

Hope rises as the rainbow wheel looms closer. I’m going to make it!


I’m screaming on the inside as I fly through the mouth of the vortex just as it starts shrinking. My skin feels too thin, but the rainbow wheel inside the tunnel is beautiful as ever.

And then it’s gone. I’m surrounded by darkness, folding into a forgiving surface that feels moist and smells of wet earth. I splatter like a pile of laundry hitting the end of the chute.

There’s no sound except the shuffling of feet as I get up.
My eyes adjust quickly and I don’t feel sick. This is good, makes it easier to keep pace with Daemon. And I do keep the pace right behind him, kicking my legs high.

Reaching for the tails of that damn jacket, I’m glad he’s still wearing it. I’m about to close-in on the fabric, about to feel it sweeping against my fingertips… and then the tell-tale blue fog appears again, with the crashing sound of the gateway opening.

The rainbow wheel illuminates the night ahead. I leap inside right after Daemon.

The next world is bright. Warm rays of sun are blinding. I shade my eyes and keep kicking, noticing that everything looks normal, older than the 1990’s, but normal.

My legs are stiffening from all the running while Daemon’s stride is still vigorous and quick. When I trip over a surprised kid on a huge skateboard and fall a half-block behind while getting up, I know that without a huge stroke of luck there’s a good chance he’ll get away.

A black Saab pulls up to the curb just ahead of me. A woman wearing a wide-collared power suit hops out of the drivers’ seat and casually walks around the other side of her idling car to pop a stack of mail into blue drop-off box on the curb.

My father used to say that luck is there for those that need it. He also used to say that success was for those who recognize opportunities. The empty Saab looks like both to me.

The engine purrs, smoothly shifting into fourth as I hit the intersection, taking my chances at the red light. I can see Daemon up ahead; hard not to notice a huge bald guy with a snake head tattooed on his bare scalp. He’s still on the move but looks to have slowed a little, assuming that he’s lost his tail.

He spots me at the perfect moment. Right as he comes up to the next intersection, when there’s a break in foot traffic on the sidewalk. I see the way his eyes widen when the Saab jumps the curb.

The victorious thunk of the tires hitting their target is short-lived. I don’t know how, but instead of thrashing over him, Daemon somehow ends up on top of the hood.  His big ugly beard blocks my view of the road as I veer off the sidewalk and back into traffic, nicking at least one other car.

A few screams. More horns. And a black stare from the man that killed my father. I make sure to look him directly into those beads of emptiness as I make for the side of the nearest building and give my parting words.

“See you in hell.”

He glances behind him, sees the wall he’s about to munch, then turns back to say something that sounds like he’s asking if I can swim. But that can’t be right. I mean, I can swim, but what does water have to do with—

A huge vortex opens and I’m going too fast. It’s all there: the bustling city, then rainbow colors, the heat, and blue fog.

In a heartbeat it’s gone, replaced by water. Lots of water. Everywhere. Gushing in through the doors and windows.


The car is completely submerged and filling fast. I take a deep breath and brace myself, trying to think through the surprised panic.

It’s just water. Rushing into the car through open half-open windows. It’s filling with bubbling cold and Daemon is gone. Through the windshield, I make out his wavy form getting smaller and higher as the car sinks and he swims away.

What I’m Working On …

Well, duh, I’m still working on the sequel to INERTIA! It’s called … wait for it … it’s going to be epic … FORCE! (Think … Newtons Law of Motion)


Join G in this second part of his journey as he learns more about the strange legacy his father left him and the seeming limitless power of the mysterious stones. In this next installment, G travels to new and unknown worlds, chasing the man that killed his father and finding the most exciting and unexpectedly dangerous adventures yet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I take forever to write a book. But I promise, the end result will be worth all my efforts, and your taking your time to read!

Not so sure? Well, I’m pasting a snippet of my magnum opus in progress below just to prove I’m right.

Daemon is here.

The adrenaline of this revelation clears my head and I survey my surroundings with renewed focus. Watching flames lick up the side of the apartment structure and inexplicably halt at the top corner of the roof near the back of the building.

I fight my way through the heat of the alley to find a better spot to check out this anomaly. Maneuvering around a stinking dumpster, I cover my face with my sleeve and look up. Directly overhead, the uncharacteristic blunt edge of a grouping of flames catches my eye. As if they’re pressing against an invisible wall.

Just above the stunted end of the flames stands a dark figure with outstretched arms. He’s about seven stories up, shrouded in smoke and ash, but I can tell who it is. His tattooed head and shaggy beard are unmistakable. His name is a curse on my lips.

The figure sails from the edge of the rooftop into the air and floats down with the ashes. Unhurried and light among the bedlam he’s fashioned.

I shouldn’t be surprised by his ability to do impossible things. I’ve seen it before, but damn, what a party trick. He’s practically flying.

But I won’t gape. I won’t give him the satisfaction.

When he hits he hits the ground I’ll be in perfect attack position.

A screeching sound shoots up from the alley behind me. When it gets too loud to ignore, I risk a quick glance back and find a long metal dumpster screeching towards me. Swinging to one side, I intend to miss it completely, but the damned thing turns to widen its’ path like its’ possessed and out to get me.

What the hell?

I jump back and over, veering behind an old wooden electric pole. The metal dumpster hits the post and bounces back.

Looking back to Daemon, I find him ten yards down the alleyway. His feet are planted far apart. His black trench coat swings in the hot wind coming off the blaze. The sound of sirens and cries cannot drown out his evil cackle.

He raises one arm, his hand half open as if clutching an invisible object. I notice a shadow over my head as his raised hand forms a fist.

And then I hear it: the loud crackle of protesting metal. Like a car accident. The shadow that fell upon me shifts and I look up to find the dumpster hovering over my head.

I’m hearing it break, watching it crumple like a toy car under an elephant. The mass shoots to one side, ramming into the side of the burning building, sending bits of brick into the alleyway and then shoots back, straight at me.

I jump away, but the wooden electric pole is cracked in two. Live wires spark and trickle to the ground amid the rubble as what’s left of the dumpster smashes down, nearly on top of me. I roll away, tucking my knees to my chest to keep them from being crushed.

This is crazy.

He can levitate and throw massive metal objects?

Scrambling back to my feet, I find Daemon turned away and tilting into a full run.


INERTIA 3dOnly today, March 5th, and exclusively through Amazon, you can get your very own free digital copy of my latest ultra exciting Science Fiction novel, INERTIA!

What are you waiting for? Go get it!


(Cheater) Teaser Tuesday

Yeah, I know. Teaser Tuesday is supposed to be about the book you’re reading, not the one you’re writing. But it’s my blog and I’ll cheat if I want to.

Besides, this cheat is a REALLY good one! And you can believe me, becasue I’m not biased at all.


Below is the cover for INERTIA, first book in my Threestone Trilogy. Click it to get the skinny:

And, here is the cover for the next book: 


I haven’t got a blurb for this one yet, but I can say that this plot is more complex and action-packed than the last …


so prepare to have your minds blown!

FORCE picks up very near where the other left off. G is preparing for new adventures, not fully aware of the odds he’s facing in trying to fulfill the legacy his father left for him.

Below is an excerpt from chapter three. Remember, that the plot is very complicated and this book, though close to completion, is a complex work in progress.


The trees that block the roadside from the neighboring houses loom closer. In between the low branches I think I see something but my momentum’s too strong to stop and my body slams into the high chain link fence before I fight my way through the drooping branches.

My boots can’t fit inside the wire fence and my company is closing in fast. I am so screwed.

When I look back to get a better idea of my options, I see that I’m nearly surrounded by four . . . five, no, six different suits with badges. All bearing arms. All pointing at me. When they see the chainlink fence behind me, they think I’ve got nowhere to go and halt their advance.

They don’t know what I do, though. They don’t realize that I have other options. I don’t have to freeze or put my hands in the air.

Reaching quickly to my breast pocket, the stretched black pouch nearly falls into my hand when I open it.

Voices call out my full name, screaming their demands. “Gerry Springer! Freeze! Hands in the air!”

One officer assures me that any sudden moves will be taken as a threat. Another sweras that he hasno problem killing me. 

The stones jump from the rubber bag , more beautiful than I remember. Not quite mineral, not quite crystal but something in between. Maybe a weird combination of the two or an entirely new element.

One black, one white, and one red.

I hold the small ovals in one palm and place the charge in the other before slowly turning around to face the threats surrounding me.       

“I’m not a terrorist.” I call out, staring into their grim faces. My radiation mask muffles the sound. 

“Drop it!” One man with a crew cut, says. He’s the closest and probably the one in charge. 

“I haven’t done anything.” I answer back, keeping the stones hidden inside one raised hand, while the other lightly squeezes the plastic envelope of the boom pack, breaking the delicate glass the exact way Eli told me. Only one end so the chemicals slowly mix on their own.

“Drop it!” The commanding voice repeats.

This makes me smile because that’s next on my agenda. Obediantly, I open one palm to drop the small square between me and the nearest crew cut in a suit. 

It’s crazy how much the mind can absorb in a single second: the way the slender carton of nitroglycerin explodes the moment it kisses the roadside, the agents diving away and covering their faces. The instantaneous, violent grace of the blue funnel cloud that appears before me, opening like a window and stretching up into the clouds. A long, bending hall that takes only one step to walk through.

The calming bubble envelopes me just the way I remember.

The heat of the stones can barely be felt through my gloves. They glow and burn from inside my hand, protecting me against the hail of bullets as I step through the fire and into the rainbow wheel waiting inside.

That was awesome, wasn’t it?

I’ve got no ragrets.


Not even one letter




My Dream Cast for INERTIA

As you know, last November I released my first Science Fiction novel, INERTIA, book 1 of the Threestone Trilogy.

Well, today, I just realized that I never posted my dream cast for this book like I did for my others (September Rain and Between Octobers).

So here goes.


“I’m going to be dead in three weeks.”

Gerry, the man whose mysterious motives open the book. 

If I could have any actor in the world play this character, it would have to be Donnie Wahlberg. Just slap some movie makeup on him to age him another 20 or 30 years.  I think Donnie is perfect for this role because Gerry is an angry guy. He’s trying to prepare for his impending demise feels lost. Plus, he yells a lot and Donnie Wahlberg gives a great deep bellow when he yells.

Plus, we all know what a stellar job he did with that little scene in the Sixth Sense, right?


G, Gerry’s 30-something son, who takes over the second and third part of the book could possibly be played by …


“It’s scary how good I am at lying at the drop of hat…”

Robert Pattinson

Who else?

Don’t you know me at all?

Seriously, he is a GREAT actor. If you doubt, then you obviously haven’t seen The Rover or Remember Me. (Click the link to watch youtube clips. Powerful stuff!) G’s role is a tough one. The actor playing this part would have to be able to convey a lot with just a look, as much of G’s struggles with the external reality he finds himself in are also internal struggles with facing the mistakes of his past.


Then there’s Daemon! He’s so … just evil!

Or is he?


Danger. Threat. Hazard. Terrorist.

The actor to play the very large, mysterious, dominating and subversive Daemon is none other than Ryan Hurst.

You might remember him from his role as Opie on Sons Of Anarchy, but Ryan Hurst has a very long resume.

He also happens to posses the unique ability to go from kind to dangerous with the flick of  a wrist, which is required for this role. That and the enourmous beard. And I think he’d look great with an enormous snake head tattooed where his hair should be.   Don’t you?



That’s my three leading roles for this book!

But here’s one more.

tumblr_inline_ngp8z0OfQQ1qgp297He didn’t come into the story until the later chapters, but don’t underestimate the importance of Elijah Thacker to this storyline. He was G’s High School buddy who grew up to be a gifted Physicist. He also excels in Quantum Mechanics.

If I got my way, Eli would be played by Jeremy Davies. I began writing this novel many years ago. So many, that LOST was still on the air. I was obsessed wit that show. I still am. I’m re-watching it on Netflix. And as I wrote this character, I just always had Jeremy Davies in my head.

I know, I’m missing one major character, Miss Blond Bombshell Abi Winston who get her heart broken repeatedly by G. But I have done that on purpose. See, as the story plunges ahead in the next 2 books, Abi will play a bigger role and I’d like to save that for my dream cast post on FORCE.

Before I go, I just want to put this out there:

I’m still looking for book reviews for this book, so if you’re interested in getting a free ebook in exchange for an honest review, hit me up on here, the review page, twitter, or facebook.




Reviews Are Coming In …


And they are all VERY strong!tumblr_mvxbsvQzXQ1rnq0vfo1_250

Below is an excerpt of an awesome review written by one of the very talented reviewers over at onlinebookclub.org.

I’ve blogged about them before. All you do is create a free account, post a few comments on their massive site in any of the threads, and then make your review request.

I like to go to them for free, impartial reviews of all my books.  Their reviews are always informitive and thorough, and I ALWAYS seem to get 4 out of 4 stars from them!



I’m pretty sure that makes me awesome … like in an official capacity.



But’s enough tooting of my horn … on with the purpose of this post, which is to brag! 

Below are a few snippets of the 4/4 STARS review:

I absolutely loved Inertia, and fell in love with Rivera’s writing style the minute I began the book. Inertia is one of the best books of its genre I have read in a long time, and it is sufficient to say, the book and author are now on my favourites list! The novel was a riveting and nail-biting one, that had me engrossed and perched at the edge of my seat from the beginning.

Various sentences in the book which the reader wasn’t meant to understand until the end, such as “I can’t give him the stones…they’re buried too far away.” contributed to the immense suspense and thriller this book provides. First of all, the cover and title were what intrigued me before I knew anything about the book. I love one-word titles and have a sort of weakness for them; they don’t say much, keeping you in suspense, yet give the general gist of the book.


Oh yeah! Keep it coming!



 … captivating opening lines which hooked the reader from the first page. I must admit, this book had me burning the midnight oil on more nights than one; it was simply irresistible to put it down!

The story was well written … The vocabulary used throughout the book was vast, while every now and then, the author used mild (not entirely inappropriate) slang. Good adjectives, idioms and metaphors were used, proving the author has a command over the English language.

Rivera’s ability to portray and convey her character’s emotions and feelings was incredible. She has a great way of describing emotions, making the story seem real and the people in them, relatable. The plot shows that the author certainly has a vivid imagination. G and Abi’s relationship provide entertaining yet suspenseful twists. The book was quite comical, with satirical humor, and I found myself laughing out loud in quite a few places. For example, “I was gonna take the bus but Jeanine insisted. One of the perks of being an old fart.”The sentence structure throughout was good, with a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences. The simple sentences were not over-used, and were used for a dramatic effect.



Okay, I’ll stop. But just let me say that …


 And who knows, maybe I’ll even sell some more books!


Should you like to read the full review, it’s here.



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