My Dream Cast for INERTIA

As you know, last November I released my first Science Fiction novel, INERTIA, book 1 of the Threestone Trilogy.

Well, today, I just realized that I never posted my dream cast for this book like I did for my others (September Rain and Between Octobers).

So here goes.


“I’m going to be dead in three weeks.”

Gerry, the man whose mysterious motives open the book. 

If I could have any actor in the world play this character, it would have to be Donnie Wahlberg. Just slap some movie makeup on him to age him another 20 or 30 years.  I think Donnie is perfect for this role because Gerry is an angry guy. He’s trying to prepare for his impending demise feels lost. Plus, he yells a lot and Donnie Wahlberg gives a great deep bellow when he yells.

Plus, we all know what a stellar job he did with that little scene in the Sixth Sense, right?


G, Gerry’s 30-something son, who takes over the second and third part of the book could possibly be played by …

“It’s scary how good I am at lying at the drop of hat…”

Robert Pattinson

Who else?

Don’t you know me at all?

Seriously, he is a GREAT actor. If you doubt, then you obviously haven’t seen The Rover or Remember Me. (Click the link to watch youtube clips. Powerful stuff!) G’s role is a tough one. The actor playing this part would have to be able to convey a lot with just a look, as much of G’s struggles with the external reality he finds himself in are also internal struggles with facing the mistakes of his past.


Then there’s Daemon! He’s so … just evil!

Or is he?

Danger. Threat. Hazard. Terrorist.

The actor to play the very large, mysterious, dominating and subversive Daemon is none other than Ryan Hurst.

You might remember him from his role as Opie on Sons Of Anarchy, but Ryan Hurst has a very long resume.

He also happens to posses the unique ability to go from kind to dangerous with the flick of  a wrist, which is required for this role. That and the enourmous beard. And I think he’d look great with an enormous snake head tattooed where his hair should be.   Don’t you?



That’s my three leading roles for this book!

But here’s one more.

tumblr_inline_ngp8z0OfQQ1qgp297He didn’t come into the story until the later chapters, but don’t underestimate the importance of Elijah Thacker to this storyline. He was G’s High School buddy who grew up to be a gifted Physicist. He also excels in Quantum Mechanics.

If I got my way, Eli would be played by Jeremy Davies. I began writing this novel many years ago. So many, that LOST was still on the air. I was obsessed wit that show. I still am. I’m re-watching it on Netflix. And as I wrote this character, I just always had Jeremy Davies in my head.

I know, I’m missing one major character, Miss Blond Bombshell Abi Winston who get her heart broken repeatedly by G. But I have done that on purpose. See, as the story plunges ahead in the next 2 books, Abi will play a bigger role and I’d like to save that for my dream cast post on FORCE.

Before I go, I just want to put this out there:

I’m still looking for book reviews for this book, so if you’re interested in getting a free ebook in exchange for an honest review, hit me up on here, the review page, twitter, or facebook.




I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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