Reviews Are Coming In …


And they are all VERY strong!tumblr_mvxbsvQzXQ1rnq0vfo1_250

Below is an excerpt of an awesome review written by one of the very talented reviewers over at

I’ve blogged about them before. All you do is create a free account, post a few comments on their massive site in any of the threads, and then make your review request.

I like to go to them for free, impartial reviews of all my books.  Their reviews are always informitive and thorough, and I ALWAYS seem to get 4 out of 4 stars from them!



I’m pretty sure that makes me awesome … like in an official capacity.



But’s enough tooting of my horn … on with the purpose of this post, which is to brag! 

Below are a few snippets of the 4/4 STARS review:

I absolutely loved Inertia, and fell in love with Rivera’s writing style the minute I began the book. Inertia is one of the best books of its genre I have read in a long time, and it is sufficient to say, the book and author are now on my favourites list! The novel was a riveting and nail-biting one, that had me engrossed and perched at the edge of my seat from the beginning.

Various sentences in the book which the reader wasn’t meant to understand until the end, such as “I can’t give him the stones…they’re buried too far away.” contributed to the immense suspense and thriller this book provides. First of all, the cover and title were what intrigued me before I knew anything about the book. I love one-word titles and have a sort of weakness for them; they don’t say much, keeping you in suspense, yet give the general gist of the book.


Oh yeah! Keep it coming!



 … captivating opening lines which hooked the reader from the first page. I must admit, this book had me burning the midnight oil on more nights than one; it was simply irresistible to put it down!

The story was well written … The vocabulary used throughout the book was vast, while every now and then, the author used mild (not entirely inappropriate) slang. Good adjectives, idioms and metaphors were used, proving the author has a command over the English language.

Rivera’s ability to portray and convey her character’s emotions and feelings was incredible. She has a great way of describing emotions, making the story seem real and the people in them, relatable. The plot shows that the author certainly has a vivid imagination. G and Abi’s relationship provide entertaining yet suspenseful twists. The book was quite comical, with satirical humor, and I found myself laughing out loud in quite a few places. For example, “I was gonna take the bus but Jeanine insisted. One of the perks of being an old fart.”The sentence structure throughout was good, with a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences. The simple sentences were not over-used, and were used for a dramatic effect.



Okay, I’ll stop. But just let me say that …


 And who knows, maybe I’ll even sell some more books!


Should you like to read the full review, it’s here.



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