(Cheater) Teaser Tuesday

Yeah, I know. Teaser Tuesday is supposed to be about the book you’re reading, not the one you’re writing. But it’s my blog and I’ll cheat if I want to.

Besides, this cheat is a REALLY good one! And you can believe me, becasue I’m not biased at all.


Below is the cover for INERTIA, first book in my Threestone Trilogy. Click it to get the skinny:

And, here is the cover for the next book: 


I haven’t got a blurb for this one yet, but I can say that this plot is more complex and action-packed than the last …


so prepare to have your minds blown!

FORCE picks up very near where the other left off. G is preparing for new adventures, not fully aware of the odds he’s facing in trying to fulfill the legacy his father left for him.

Below is an excerpt from chapter three. Remember, that the plot is very complicated and this book, though close to completion, is a complex work in progress.


The trees that block the roadside from the neighboring houses loom closer. In between the low branches I think I see something but my momentum’s too strong to stop and my body slams into the high chain link fence before I fight my way through the drooping branches.

My boots can’t fit inside the wire fence and my company is closing in fast. I am so screwed.

When I look back to get a better idea of my options, I see that I’m nearly surrounded by four . . . five, no, six different suits with badges. All bearing arms. All pointing at me. When they see the chainlink fence behind me, they think I’ve got nowhere to go and halt their advance.

They don’t know what I do, though. They don’t realize that I have other options. I don’t have to freeze or put my hands in the air.

Reaching quickly to my breast pocket, the stretched black pouch nearly falls into my hand when I open it.

Voices call out my full name, screaming their demands. “Gerry Springer! Freeze! Hands in the air!”

One officer assures me that any sudden moves will be taken as a threat. Another sweras that he hasno problem killing me. 

The stones jump from the rubber bag , more beautiful than I remember. Not quite mineral, not quite crystal but something in between. Maybe a weird combination of the two or an entirely new element.

One black, one white, and one red.

I hold the small ovals in one palm and place the charge in the other before slowly turning around to face the threats surrounding me.       

“I’m not a terrorist.” I call out, staring into their grim faces. My radiation mask muffles the sound. 

“Drop it!” One man with a crew cut, says. He’s the closest and probably the one in charge. 

“I haven’t done anything.” I answer back, keeping the stones hidden inside one raised hand, while the other lightly squeezes the plastic envelope of the boom pack, breaking the delicate glass the exact way Eli told me. Only one end so the chemicals slowly mix on their own.

“Drop it!” The commanding voice repeats.

This makes me smile because that’s next on my agenda. Obediantly, I open one palm to drop the small square between me and the nearest crew cut in a suit. 

It’s crazy how much the mind can absorb in a single second: the way the slender carton of nitroglycerin explodes the moment it kisses the roadside, the agents diving away and covering their faces. The instantaneous, violent grace of the blue funnel cloud that appears before me, opening like a window and stretching up into the clouds. A long, bending hall that takes only one step to walk through.

The calming bubble envelopes me just the way I remember.

The heat of the stones can barely be felt through my gloves. They glow and burn from inside my hand, protecting me against the hail of bullets as I step through the fire and into the rainbow wheel waiting inside.

That was awesome, wasn’t it?

I’ve got no ragrets.


Not even one letter




I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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