What I’m Working On …

Well, duh, I’m still working on the sequel to INERTIA! It’s called … wait for it … it’s going to be epic … FORCE! (Think … Newtons Law of Motion)


Join G in this second part of his journey as he learns more about the strange legacy his father left him and the seeming limitless power of the mysterious stones. In this next installment, G travels to new and unknown worlds, chasing the man that killed his father and finding the most exciting and unexpectedly dangerous adventures yet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I take forever to write a book. But I promise, the end result will be worth all my efforts, and your taking your time to read!

Not so sure? Well, I’m pasting a snippet of my magnum opus in progress below just to prove I’m right.

Daemon is here.

The adrenaline of this revelation clears my head and I survey my surroundings with renewed focus. Watching flames lick up the side of the apartment structure and inexplicably halt at the top corner of the roof near the back of the building.

I fight my way through the heat of the alley to find a better spot to check out this anomaly. Maneuvering around a stinking dumpster, I cover my face with my sleeve and look up. Directly overhead, the uncharacteristic blunt edge of a grouping of flames catches my eye. As if they’re pressing against an invisible wall.

Just above the stunted end of the flames stands a dark figure with outstretched arms. He’s about seven stories up, shrouded in smoke and ash, but I can tell who it is. His tattooed head and shaggy beard are unmistakable. His name is a curse on my lips.

The figure sails from the edge of the rooftop into the air and floats down with the ashes. Unhurried and light among the bedlam he’s fashioned.

I shouldn’t be surprised by his ability to do impossible things. I’ve seen it before, but damn, what a party trick. He’s practically flying.

But I won’t gape. I won’t give him the satisfaction.

When he hits he hits the ground I’ll be in perfect attack position.

A screeching sound shoots up from the alley behind me. When it gets too loud to ignore, I risk a quick glance back and find a long metal dumpster screeching towards me. Swinging to one side, I intend to miss it completely, but the damned thing turns to widen its’ path like its’ possessed and out to get me.

What the hell?

I jump back and over, veering behind an old wooden electric pole. The metal dumpster hits the post and bounces back.

Looking back to Daemon, I find him ten yards down the alleyway. His feet are planted far apart. His black trench coat swings in the hot wind coming off the blaze. The sound of sirens and cries cannot drown out his evil cackle.

He raises one arm, his hand half open as if clutching an invisible object. I notice a shadow over my head as his raised hand forms a fist.

And then I hear it: the loud crackle of protesting metal. Like a car accident. The shadow that fell upon me shifts and I look up to find the dumpster hovering over my head.

I’m hearing it break, watching it crumple like a toy car under an elephant. The mass shoots to one side, ramming into the side of the burning building, sending bits of brick into the alleyway and then shoots back, straight at me.

I jump away, but the wooden electric pole is cracked in two. Live wires spark and trickle to the ground amid the rubble as what’s left of the dumpster smashes down, nearly on top of me. I roll away, tucking my knees to my chest to keep them from being crushed.

This is crazy.

He can levitate and throw massive metal objects?

Scrambling back to my feet, I find Daemon turned away and tilting into a full run.

One thought on “What I’m Working On …

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