The world is supposed to end in 2012, but G’s adventures are just getting started.
In the middle of a really bad week, G is riding the city bus when its hit be a semitruck.
He wakes up in the hospital… in 1996. The same year his little sister was killed by a drunk driver. If he could save her, then his and the futures of his entire family would be better.
But life in the past is not quite like G remembers.
His dad’s nose was never that big. Was it?
His distant mother was never that attentive. Or happy.
G is doubting everything he sees as his plans to change the past unravel.
When he crosses paths with a man that was on the bus that day, G is sure he’s found an ally. But then, he’s never been a very good judge of character.
UPDATE: Since I am a screenwriter, Inertia is being adapted into a one-hour TV series! The pilot episode was a quarterfinalist in the ISA’s Table-Read my Screenplay Competition of Summer 2022!


Who is Daemon?
Why did he target G and his family?
Join G in this second part of his journey as he searches for answers, learns more about the strange legacy his father left him, and the seemingly limitless power of the Threestone.
In this next installment of the Threestone Trilogy, G travels to new and unknown worlds where he finds the most exciting and unexpectedly dangerous adventures yet.

Savor The Days Series: Women’s Fiction with lots of romance and suspense 


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