Writing, Well Babbling About It Anyway . . .

Old post from 2015, but still relevant! Music has always played a huge part in my creative process. I can hear a song like, I Never Told You what I Do For A Living, by My Chemical Romance .  .  . .  .  .  and come up with a really awful bad guy type character …

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Big News!

Did you guys miss me?  Well, I hope you at lease noticed I was gone. During my unannounced hiatus, I was taking a few summer courses at my local college campus. The work load was a smidgen more than I expected.  But I came through with flying colors and I'll resume posting more regularly from …

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Throwback Thursday:

This song has been stuck in my head for the past few weeks. Maybe passing it along to all of you will help me get it out of my head and I can finally find some peace! Here it is: MR JONES by COUNTING CROWS ...

Book Trailer: INERTIA Book 1 The Threestone Trilogy

FINALLY! The book trailer for my first science fiction novel is complete! Feel free to take a look-see and tell me what you think!

Song For Saturday

This song just came on my Pandora station and i like it so much, I thought I should share it! The Killers - Mr. Brightside . . . Dance Monkey, Dance! 

Total Bragging Rights!

Okay, so remember how I bragged--uhm, I mean blogged a while back about my kids band Forgotten Faces being invited to play at a music festival called Treasure Fest? (Click here to read how it went) Well, while the band was there, they met lots of other musicians and promoters, and all that jazz. They …

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How It Went

Well, let me belatedly inform all of you about Forgotten Faces (my kids' band) being invited to play Treasure Fest this past Saturday. Oh yeah, it happened. They were invited! I'm not all up on what is cool and not cool, but I'm pretty sure that being invited to play a music festival (along with …

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Thoughts For Thursday

When someone looks at you like this . . . Don't get all . . . You should be more like . . . And remind yourself that you freaking ROCK and in the long run, the only opinion of you that should matter, is YOURS! Cheers!

Poetry In Music

Hey there, bloggers. Long time no post . . . I mean, sorry that I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to the past few weeks.  Life has been muy loco. Last week, my dear husband introduced me to this band, Thrice, and the song, Words In The Water. I fell in literary …

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A Song For @Rhys_Matthews

If you don't know who Rhys Matthews (known as Evan to his friends) is, that's because you haven't read my first novel, Between Octobers. Well, that's okay. You can still enjoy the song below. It's mellow, don't worry. As I have stated numerous times, Rhys is a fictionally famous actor inspired by Robert Pattinson.  But …

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