Big News!

Did you guys miss me?  Well, I hope you at lease noticed I was gone. During my unannounced hiatus, I was taking a few summer courses at my local college campus. The work load was a smidgen more than I expected.  But I came through with flying colors and I'll resume posting more regularly from …

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Song For Saturday

This song just came on my Pandora station and i like it so much, I thought I should share it! The Killers - Mr. Brightside . . . Dance Monkey, Dance! 

Total Bragging Rights!

Okay, so remember how I bragged--uhm, I mean blogged a while back about my kids band Forgotten Faces being invited to play at a music festival called Treasure Fest? (Click here to read how it went) Well, while the band was there, they met lots of other musicians and promoters, and all that jazz. They …

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How It Went

Well, let me belatedly inform all of you about Forgotten Faces (my kids' band) being invited to play Treasure Fest this past Saturday. Oh yeah, it happened. They were invited! I'm not all up on what is cool and not cool, but I'm pretty sure that being invited to play a music festival (along with …

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A Song For @Rhys_Matthews

If you don't know who Rhys Matthews (known as Evan to his friends) is, that's because you haven't read my first novel, Between Octobers. Well, that's okay. You can still enjoy the song below. It's mellow, don't worry. As I have stated numerous times, Rhys is a fictionally famous actor inspired by Robert Pattinson.  But …

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Songs That Inspire . . .

As I have blogged many times before, music is a major influence on my writing. Below are the lyrics to THE song that inspired the original plot to my upcoming novel, September Rain! It's a lovely and unusual song written and performed by my favorite Indie band, The Accident Experiment. Hello dear, my Holy cure, …

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Sneak Peek

In honor of my latest book release, September Rain out 5/15, I'm posting a snippet from the manuscript. I was going to write this big introduction but then realized this scene is self explanatory . . . Jake was anxious for me to meet his mom. He’d planned to introduce me several times, but I …

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Music Monday and Some Free Stuff

Some of you might remember this song from Sons Of Anarchy. Joshua James is the artist, and the song is Coal War. It played during the opening montage of season 4: The artist got a lot of exposure from this show. Funny thing is, I had already heard of Joshua James because of a little …

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Writing Music

My upcoming novel, September Rain (Out May 15th) is about a lot of things, but a good chunk of the story is about a teenage girl who's in love with the lead singer of her favorite rock band, Analog Controller, an ahead-of-their-time type of progressive rock band. The band isn't famous yet, but they're getting …

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Good Morning!

It's Monday again. Since music always gets me in a better mood, here's a song to combat those Monday Blues: