Total Bragging Rights!

Okay, so remember how I bragged–uhm, I mean blogged a while back about my kids band Forgotten Faces being invited to play at a music festival called Treasure Fest? (Click here to read how it went)

FFlogooutlinedWell, while the band was there, they met lots of other musicians and promoters, and all that jazz. They even got their pictures taken by a guy named Ken Morton who I mistakenly thought was a professional photographer.

Well, it turns out he is, but he’s also a writer for a rock music web-zine called Highwire Daze.

I have told people that my kids make great music (if you like the style they make, you know). And I don’t think that simply because I am ‘mom’ and therefore obligated to believe that everything my kids do is amazing.


I like to think that I’m objective enough to tell the difference.

tumblr_inline_mr8rkcWwp21qz4rgpAnd this fantastic person, Ken Morton, has verified my strong belief in the talent of Forgotten Faces, as he wrote the following critique about the band to whom I happen to be mother to 50% of the members:

Treasure Fest 2015 featuring The All Stars Tour, Pico Rivera Sports Arena, July 25, 2015

One of the ambitious and creative local music festival presented in the style of the Vans Warped Tour. Treasure Fest 2015 had a little bit of something for absolutely everyone. Launched by Ben Burt and the folks at Pirate Entertainment, featured at the top of the bill was this year’s edition of the All Stars Tour, headlined by Upon A Burning Body, Dance Gavin Dance, and A Skylit Drive. Their stage was entitled Captains Quarters, situated in a big grassy field just right across from the main entrance.

A host of other stages with names such as Shipwreck Cove, Davey Jones Locker, Buccaneer Bay, and Blackbeard’s Den would feature local and national bands ranging from pop punk, metalcore, dance pop, and even some black metal from San Francisco thrown in for good measure. Kicking off at 11AM with performance up to the Midnight hour, Treasure Fest had a vast array of sonic riches.

Here are some of the bands Highwire Daze Online caught up with at this seaworthy presentation…

. . .

11707631_10153091946596158_1065178635284768137_nForgotten Faces

Making their way to the wilds of Pico Rivera from Visalia, Forgotten Faces presented their own striking brand of melodic death metal in the style of all things Gothenburg.

Kicking off with the intensive refrains of Colours, this young band displayed a good amount of passion and conviction in their music. Cesar Rivera II was especially impressive on guitar and vocals, performing with skill and flair that was a lot of fun to watch. Jordan Rusco excelled on vocals, and really sent the material soaring. The rapid fire rhythm section was courtesy of Rod Reyes on bass and Lucas Rivera on drums.

Whether it’s the slower paced Absent or the spiraling sounds of The Masquerade, Forgotten Faces presented a memorable early afternoon performance and surely gained a few new fans along the way. It will be exciting to see where this promising new band is headed in future days – in the meantime, those wishes to check out the beginnings of an exciting new band on the rise may want to investigate the sounds of Forgotten Faces.

Forgotten Faces on Facebook

wpid-when-you-see-your-friends-at-the-same-party.gifIt’s great right??

giphyYeah, I thought so, too.

If you’s like to read the article in its’ entirety, click here.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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