How It Went

10401885_756032934516822_7908736473802745089_nWell, let me belatedly inform all of you about Forgotten Faces (my kids’ band) being invited to play Treasure Fest this past Saturday.

wpid-when-you-see-your-friends-at-the-same-party.gifOh yeah, it happened.

They were invited! I’m not all up on what is cool and not cool, but I’m pretty sure that being invited to play a music festival (along with other bands that had to ‘send requests’) means I’ve got BRAGGING RIGHTS.

giphySo, here’s the short of it:They went down to Whittier, Ca. They set-up their equipment. Got a couple pictures taken by professional photographer, Ken Morton, who was covering the event:

Credit: Ken Morton  This is one of my boys, Cesar. Lead guitar, backing and lead vocals.
Photo Credit: Ken Morton This is Rod, the Bass player

And then played their hearts out for twenty minutes, just like they’d been preparing to do for the two weeks since they received the invitation.

Here’s Lucas. The super bad-A Drummer
This is the new lead vocalist, Jordan. It was his first show with the band. He killed it.

All in all, it was a great (exhausting, exciting) weekend!

coverphoto1To find out more, check out their Facebook page. They’ve got videos of the show and you can “Like” them while you’re there.

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