Music Monday and Some Free Stuff

Some of you might remember this song from Sons Of Anarchy. Joshua James is the artist, and the song is Coal War. It played during the opening montage of season 4:

The artist got a lot of exposure from this show. Funny thing is, I had already heard of Joshua James because of a little site called NOISETRADE.

I LOVE noisetrade.

It’s this site where musicians and writers can upload their work for you and me to download. Basically they’re giving it away. There are thousands of authors, best-selling and otherwise, as well as bands making their work available through this site. I recommend all of you check it out. Whether you’re looking for something to read or listen to, or just need another platform to expose your work to the masses.

Noisetrade is a freaking awesome space to discover new artists and authors. Just click the tab of whatever your looking for, “music” or “books” and type in the names of some favorites and the you’ll get a list of related artists.

I discovered Joshua James there. And I never would have found Paper Route if not for that site. I think their self-titled album and Peace Of The Wild Things helped me craft countless plot ideas in at least two books.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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