Teaser Tuesday

I’ve seen the whole “Teaser Tuesday” done on many a wonderful blog that I follow. The whole deal with it is you’re supposed to get out the book you’re currently reading and point to a random sentence or paragraph and post it, along with the links and info about the book.

I have wanted to come up with my own “teaser” post for a while, but keep coming upon the same problems. I’m either deeply entrenched in reading (editing) my own books or I’m listening to audiobooks.

Today (Tuesday), that is still the case! But I have had enough. So, I’m going to do the indulgent thing and give you a snippet of my upcoming work which is my first endeavor into Science Fiction!

As always, I’m still working on the blurb, but here goes . . . .

RELEASING 10/15/15

One man, three mysterious stones, and more chance to change his world.

G, a 30-something slacker, is convinced he has nothing to lose, except his aging father: an old man with anger issues and lots of secrets. G has never heard of the these mysterious stones, even though they are his legacy. If he were ever unlucky enough to come across them, they’d mean nothing to him.
But Daemon, the guardian of the sacred Threestones, knows what they can do. He’s used them. He knows how powerful, how valuable they are. He’s also convinced that killing the man who stole them from him is the only way to protect the secret of their existence


A jerk hauls me back as the violent funnel cloud begins to shrink. Quickly as it appeared so it disappears and everything is quiet. Not the peaceful serenity that one expects to find out the in the country. No, this quiet is not normal. There are no animal or bird sounds inside the vast field. No chirping insects. Nothing. All of nature is awestruck and scared silent.

“That was the most terrible thing I have ever seen . . . It was beautiful.”

Shaking my cloudy head, I take a look around, noting we are completely alone which is good, but our position in the wide open field leaves us totally exposed in the wake of that enormous inferno of a spectacle that has so inexplicably come and gone.

“That is what you saw?” Eli, who’s been standing beside me equally dumbfounded, is now howling. “That—that thing?!”
In the distance a clamor rises. It’s the chaotic sounds of frightened people who’ve just witnessed something they don’t understand.

“Shut up and run!” Eli instructs even though he is the only one talking. He picks up the stones and frantically tosses them to me. “Put’em away! Hurry!” He cries, but all I notice is how cool they feel though just a moment ago they were burning.

I fumble my shaking hands, jogging and trying to force the dull, cold stones back into the rubber bag as we run, flat out, towards the shelter of the trees. The sickening feeling has come back but I ignore it, holding down the vomit. Everyone within fifty miles had to have seen and everyone on that farm probably saw us. We have to hustle.

Suddenly, Eli stops dead. “Wait!”

Skidding to a stop, I spin to face him. “What?”

He’s talking too fast, barely understandable. I think the gist of his rant is that he wants me to wait here while he goes to get the car. I’m not going to argue, the nausea has me struggling to stay upright.

Seven rows away, I lean over, willing my stomach not to purge while he starts the car. Once it kicks over, he waves. I run as fast as I can and jump in the passenger side.

“That is what you did! Twice?! You said it was a car accident!” He’s screaming.

“I’ve never seen it from the outside, I didn’t know!”

I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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