Goodbye Men of Mayhem . . . Video Recap

Series Finale, “Papa’s Goods”


Before we bid goodnight to the Men of Mayhem, lets take a look back at some of the shows best and worst moments.







A few of the ones we lost along the way…

Opie . . .


Clay . . .


Tara . . .


Bobby . . .


Gemma . . .


There has been talk of the Hamlet theme to the show. And since Jax has been in perpetual darkness since the departure of his wife and moral compass, Tara, I think he may be prparing himself for the final goodbye . . .which brings to mind this scene, from the season 6 finale:


Jackson Teller has been going darker and darker this whole season. We’ve seen mentions of his fathers bike, been reminded of his accident, watched Jax kill a fellow club president who suggested his father committed suicude and now he’s arranged to send his boys away with trustworthy Wendy and the only ‘good man’ Jax knows that isn’t dead–Nero.

My Predictions:

Now he’s killed his mother. He’s limping, making secret moves, promising to get his club to agree a unanimous Mayhem vote: but he isn’t finished yet. We know from the sneak peek at the top of the post that Jax will be making another deal. But I don’t think it will have anything to do with Jax and his fate (I HOPE I’M WRONG). I think it will be something that will simultaneously screw Barofsky (is that how it’s spelled?), the crooked cop who ratted out the location of the guns Sam Crow was watching, and help out the Club since Jax is being subjected to a Mayhem vote because of the aforementioned murder of the a fellow Club president. That action–his admission–to committing the crime when all he had to do was say, “It was self-defense,” makes me think Jax is not planning on living out the day.

I think in this final episode, Kurt Sutter, and the remaining cast and crew will walk us through a journey of the past seasons, giving us the moments we need to understand Jaxs’ final decision, and hopefully, whatever way this ends, we will all be satisfied.

It’s a tall order, but Kurt Sutter’s brilliant telling and considerations of the actors involved–the way they played each scene– has kept us all watching for seven years. And even though it’s  sad, it’s like Gemma said, “It’s time.”

I don’t foresee a happy ending for Jax. But I think that Jax will honor Taras final wish–the one she told him she was willing to die for–to make sure her boys are not raised by The Club.

Here’s a few links to pages with more in depth predictions on the finale:

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Influx Magazine talks about the Hamlet Conclusion

Movie Pilot discusses the potential bloodbath

Crash This Train, by Joshua James. He is an artist whose music I discovered through Sons of Anarchy. If you’ve never listened to his stuff, I suggest you do. His song Coal War (played during Opie’s burial sequence) is one of my favorites.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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