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Back in The Saddle

Well, technically, the saddle is a chair.


At my desk inside the master bedroom. That’s where I keep my laptop.

The Fall Semester has ended and the Holidays have passed, (Thank God! They were exhausting, weren’t they?)

While I am awaiting the start of Spring classes at my local Community College, I’ve been trying to make use of the downtime with WRITING!

And just in case you’re interested, I am working on the third and final book in my thrilling Sci-Fi trilogy!

The book is called REACTION and I’m planning on releasing late this year.

Still tinkering with the cover

INERTIA  and …

*free with Kindle Unlimited!

*free with Kindle Unlimited!


*also FREE with Kinlde Unlimited

*also FREE with Kindle Unlimited

were the first two, and as exciting as those plots were, this last one is going to blow them both out of the water. AtomicBomb

I’m just over 20k words so far, but the book is already plotted out in my head! The final, BIG ending is going to be SO much FUN to write. I can’t wait for you all to read it.



My Dream Cast for INERTIA

As you know, last November I released my first Science Fiction novel, INERTIA, book 1 of the Threestone Trilogy.

Well, today, I just realized that I never posted my dream cast for this book like I did for my others (September Rain and Between Octobers).

So here goes.


“I’m going to be dead in three weeks.”

Gerry, the man whose mysterious motives open the book. 

If I could have any actor in the world play this character, it would have to be Donnie Wahlberg. Just slap some movie makeup on him to age him another 20 or 30 years.  I think Donnie is perfect for this role because Gerry is an angry guy. He’s trying to prepare for his impending demise feels lost. Plus, he yells a lot and Donnie Wahlberg gives a great deep bellow when he yells.

Plus, we all know what a stellar job he did with that little scene in the Sixth Sense, right?


G, Gerry’s 30-something son, who takes over the second and third part of the book could possibly be played by …


“It’s scary how good I am at lying at the drop of hat…”

Robert Pattinson

Who else?

Don’t you know me at all?

Seriously, he is a GREAT actor. If you doubt, then you obviously haven’t seen The Rover or Remember Me. (Click the link to watch youtube clips. Powerful stuff!) G’s role is a tough one. The actor playing this part would have to be able to convey a lot with just a look, as much of G’s struggles with the external reality he finds himself in are also internal struggles with facing the mistakes of his past.


Then there’s Daemon! He’s so … just evil!

Or is he?


Danger. Threat. Hazard. Terrorist.

The actor to play the very large, mysterious, dominating and subversive Daemon is none other than Ryan Hurst.

You might remember him from his role as Opie on Sons Of Anarchy, but Ryan Hurst has a very long resume.

He also happens to posses the unique ability to go from kind to dangerous with the flick of  a wrist, which is required for this role. That and the enourmous beard. And I think he’d look great with an enormous snake head tattooed where his hair should be.   Don’t you?



That’s my three leading roles for this book!

But here’s one more.

tumblr_inline_ngp8z0OfQQ1qgp297He didn’t come into the story until the later chapters, but don’t underestimate the importance of Elijah Thacker to this storyline. He was G’s High School buddy who grew up to be a gifted Physicist. He also excels in Quantum Mechanics.

If I got my way, Eli would be played by Jeremy Davies. I began writing this novel many years ago. So many, that LOST was still on the air. I was obsessed wit that show. I still am. I’m re-watching it on Netflix. And as I wrote this character, I just always had Jeremy Davies in my head.

I know, I’m missing one major character, Miss Blond Bombshell Abi Winston who get her heart broken repeatedly by G. But I have done that on purpose. See, as the story plunges ahead in the next 2 books, Abi will play a bigger role and I’d like to save that for my dream cast post on FORCE.

Before I go, I just want to put this out there:

I’m still looking for book reviews for this book, so if you’re interested in getting a free ebook in exchange for an honest review, hit me up on here, the review page, twitter, or facebook.




What I’m Working On

Some time last summer, I decided that I should finish TWO books by the end of 2015. Well, I didn’t finish them but I haven’t stopped trying.

I did release my very first SCI-FI novel, INERTIA! (It’s got really great reviews, you should give it a read!)

But I’m still working on the next two books in my Savor The Days Series: November Mourning and January Falls (note: titles and covers may change)

Anyhoo, I’m pasting an excerpt of the first chapter of January Falls, just so you all can get a feel of what the story is like. Below is a rough blurb and a tidbit of the opening chapter. Be warned, there is a smidgen of bad language:


January Smith: that is the name Elise Wilkinson chose when she started her new life, but the past has a way of breaking into the present.

Finally putting her abusive history behind her, twenty year-old Elise is anxious to start over. She finds a job, a place to sleep, and gets a new name, January. When she makes a new friend with a high profile family, the fear of discovery and the threat of her past catching up to her becomes all too real.

When January Smith meets Noah Zuniga she can’t help but fall for his gentle heart and deep brown eyes. When she learns that Noah is the step-son to famed Hollywood actor Rhys Matthews, she must make a choice: to keep hiding from the life of shame she’s tryingto leave behind, or stay and fight for the new life she’s found.  

Excerpt from Chapter 1–I Snapped


The car eased up. From the tilt, I guessed the flat tire was on the front driver’s side. We must have hit that coyote pretty good. I thought I saw it skitter off, but who could tell in the pitch black? The car made creaking noises with each rotation of the jack and dread filled my stomach. It was a steady, almost rhythmic cranking that made me think Jade would have us back on the road in no time.

My heart ached at that thought. I didn’t want to go to back Vegas. I hated that city. I’d only ever been there a handful of times, even though I grew up just outside Reno, but I hated every trip I ever took there with Jade.

Made me want to shower just thinking about it.

A noise drew me from the dark memories. It sounded like Jade, like he was calling my name. My heart beat faster. If he wanted me I couldn’t waste time. Just as I pulled the handle to open my door, the raised end of the car dropped and the bleak night surrounding the empty road was suddenly filled with Jade’s pained cries.

I was all adrenaline, scrambling from the back seat to run around the car.

I couldn’t see past the beam of headlights, but when i got around to the passenger side of the car, i could see the flashlight rolling over the pavement. I reached for it, calling out.

“Jade! Are you alright?” I heard him answer with cursing, only it was much quieter than before. Flashlight in hand, I turned the beam in the direction of his voice and gasped.

Jade was on his back, one arm trapped under the car nearly up to his shoulder. The flat tire was completely off the axle, lying in the gravel. Jade was squirming and demanding. Screaming at me to “Get the jack!”

I searched with the flashlight, aiming it under the fender. The small jack had flipped over. I could tell from the position how it had slipped out from its’ bracing and didn’t waste any time. I flipped it back up but couldn’t get it under the lip of the fender. I needed to lower the head if it was going to fit back underneath the car. To do that, I needed the lever.

“Jade, where’s the crowbar?”

He cursed some more as I searched the ground. I asked Jade where it was again, partly becasue I thought talking might help keep his mind off the pain, and partly becasue I didn’t see the thing lying around anywhere.

Did he throw it?

Why wasn’t he answering me?

Maybe he couldn’t hear me; he had to be in a lot of pain. Then, something else occurred to me—the possible reason why Jade’s arm was under the car near the wheel.

With my heart climbing up into my throat, I got back down on my hands and knees, and bent low to look underneath the car. Jade was still cursing me out like always, but there was something in his voice I hadn’t heard before. Or maybe it was just so long since I heard it that I forgot what fear sounded like. Well, Jade’s fear. Mine was a constant. I knew what my fear sounded like. It sounded like, “Yes, Jade.” “Of course, Jade.”

I spotted the end of the crowbar wedged between Jade’s trapped arm and the gravel. Just on the other side of that, I spotted a few lug nuts. He must have been trying to hold the flashlight and loosen the nuts from the tire. Stubborn man—changing a tire is a two-person job in the dark. Jade was trying to pull double-duty and shot it all to hell. He probably dropped the dang nuts and then reached under the car to get them. His shoulder probably knocked the jack loose. I shuddered to think of his stubborn flesh trapped beneath the heavy car. I had to get it off him.

“Never reach under the car.” I spoke the thought.

Jade shouted, reminding me how I didn’t need to tell him anything. He was sure this whole mess was my fault after all because the only reason he needed to make money this way was because I was a fat pig who ate too much. Of course, I moved inside the car, too. He was sure I made it fall on purpose. I was evil. I was trying to hurt him. I was a worthless piece of trash that belonged under the wheels of the car, not him. I did it on purpose, I must have, because he was too smart. He knew what he was doing. I was the one who was too stupid to know anything about anything.

That’s the way our relationship was. His mistakes were always mine. ANd i knew that he was just getting started and the longer he had to think on it, the more reasons he’d come up with to make his stupid accident my fault. It was always me. Present or absent. Jade would make me pay for my mistakes. In any way that crossed his mind.

Suddenly I was not feeling as hospitable and barely suppressing the urge to roll my eyes, even though with Jade, that’s about the worst thing I could do, short of kicking him in the man-parts.

I stood up from the ground, empty-handed, running the flashlight over his pinned position, inspecting his injury. It looked like his forearm was trapped. His hand and forearm, just below the elbow were pinned under the bare wheel mount. I was wondering if that made any difference to his body. It just seemed like it’d be a whole lot worse to have your upper arm pinned under there, too.

I stepped back, going wide, as Jade’s free arm swung wildly for me.

“You stupidfuckingbitch! Get me out! I’ll put you in the ground, too! Where you going? Get back here!”

Where was I going? I had no idea, but it’d be the direction opposite of wherever Jade was headed. I was already on the passenger side of the car. My hands were moving but my mind was all blank, back in that protective space where I learned to hide most of me away.

Aside from the fact that I never thought I was smart enough to form a plan—a real plan beyond the ‘if only’ and the ‘one of these days’—I knew the only things that kept me with Jade for so long were money and opportunity. I never had either one available to me at the same time.

I could never get out. Never get a big enough head start. He kept that house locked up so tight there was no way I could find my way to the other side of the front door. And I was not allowed to have cash. I couldn’t go to the store or Laundromat without him. Even the worst criminals under lock and key got an hour in the yard to exercise, but I couldn’t get a minute with the bathroom door closed.

Also, I couldn’t just leave Jade like that, all hurt and helpless, but I sure as hell didn’t want to be around when he was back on his feet.

“I’m calling you an ambulance. You’re bleedin’ bad, Jade. You need a doctor. Where’s your phone?” I sounded so scared. I was scared, but also numb.

He was terrified to die, I knew he was. In one of the few conversations I overheard him having with a rotten friend of his, I heard Jade admit that he thought dying was the scariest thing there was. It was also the threat he made most often.

“In the glove box,” Jade grunted. “Give it to me! Hurry the fuckup!”

Of course it would be in the glove box. The glove box he kept locked at all times. The glove box he wouldn’t let me near, which was why I was always riding in the back seat.

“What’s the combination?” I shouted sounding just as panicked as I felt, but panic was nothing. I spent most my life in a panic.

“Bitch, get this car off me!” Jade screamed. “Please Elli. Please!”

I ran back around to lock eyes with Jade. I hadn’t heard him say please before. Not sober anyway. Still, I kept myself out of his reach. My face was very serious as I broke the news that would surely end up breaking my jaw. “The crowbar is stuck under your hand Jade. I can’t get it out. I can’t raise the car off you. I gotta call for help before you bleed out on the road. You need an ambulance Jade and I need you! Who’s going to take care of me if you don’t?”

He took a short breath and something passed over his eyes. I felt so sorry for him. It must have hurt like crazy and he had to be so afraid.

“J-F-B-F-D.” Jade strangled out the letters to the combination lock on his most prized compartment within his precious car. It was like a safe combination at the Federal Reserve as far as he was concerned. The glove compartment is where Jade kept all his worldly possessions.

Scrambling back around to the passenger side, Jade hollered the combination to me once more because he was so sure I’d forget it.

I punched in the letters, the glove box opened and I took out his cell phone and started dialing.

“What road are we on?” I scrambled back toward Jade and he quickly supplied the highway number and the mile marker we’d just passed.

I waited on the line as it rang and rang. Then, I walked back around to the passenger side of the car when someone finally answered my call. The metered voice of the A-1 cab company dispatcher came over the phone line loud and clear.

“I need a car out on the highway. Mile marker 1-3-7-1.” The guy seemed a little confused, so I explained in the lowest voice I could manage that my car had a flat tire, and then repeated the important information. Once they told me how long it was going to be—he estimated a half hour—I had to break the news to Jade and pray the anger wouldn’t give him enough gumption to find his way up off the ground.

But before I did that, I hung up the phone and emptied the glove compartment. Like the selfish bitch he always accused me of being, I pocketed all the cash in his wallet, his cell phone, and the .25 caliber pistol with the extra magazine. Lastly, I shook out all but one of the baggies of dope onto the front seat and floor of the car.

Then, I had to say goodbye to the first boy to ever tell me that he loved me. I stood for a moment in the dark, pretending to say the words aloud as I looked down at him. Jade understood what was happening when he spotted me running for my life.

I heard his screams for at least a half-mile. Once I got to a place near a street lamp, I tossed the flashlight. The second I spotted my taxi coming up the way, I made the call for the ambulance, giving them the information in an urgent tone, which I didn’t even have to fake. I was worried about Jade. I wanted him to be okay, but I also never wanted to see him again. So I told the 9-1-1 dispatcher to make sure the police came along with the ambulance. “The driver was swerving all over the place before he crashed and he’s been screaming at everything that moves. I think he’s high on something.”

After, I hopped into the back of the taxicab, asking the driver to take me into Vegas and telling myself that I was doing what I had to.

I wasn’t a bad person.

I’m not a bad person.

Between Octobers is FREE today only! On Amazon

Yep! That’s what this whole seond post is about.

My first book, Bewtween Octobers, (womens fiction with some suspense and romance) is FREE TODAY ONLY.

Click the cover to go to amazon and grab your free kindle copy!



“Lovers of both thriller and romance will enjoy Between Octobers. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars and will happily be reading the next book in the series”
“I went into this book thinking it was going to be a run-of-the-mill thriller. I was pleasantly surprised when the book began seamlessly alternating between suspense and love story. I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever read another book like it. Just when I was getting the warm fuzzies from the developing relationship, Rivera switches back to Grace’s current danger and I found myself instantly on edge again. This book also comes fully equipped with an ending that I did not see coming, which is my favorite kind of ending.”– 4/4 STAR REVIEW, onlinebookclub.org

“I have found yet another author to read…. I really enjoyed this book. There were some parts that got particularly angsty but I love that. I found myself really immersed in this one…I absolutely loved Rhys and Grace… I love that we got to see the whole story of the relationship. Usually in the books I read, marriage in endgame. It’s white noise beyond it. You are left to assume there is no trouble, no bickering and all is happy sunshine times…. Some of this book was gutpunchingly angsty but it was so well done.”–5/5 STARS, Books Like Breathing


Happy endings have often eluded Grace Zuniga. Now, as she finds herself facing down deadly trouble, she is hoping and praying the pattern will change.

When Grace wakes up in a dark, confined space with no memory of how she got there, the fear is nearly crippling. There are two thoughts keeping her from losing her head. First, her children: she is all they have left after losing their father. They need her to survive. Though Grace is not sure she can, she’s determined to try. Second, figuring out who took her and how she ended up, trapped, alone, and at the mercy of a person who will do anything to keep her from escaping.

Stumbling through these bleak circumstances, Graces’ mind wanders over her last life-changing year, from one October to the next. She relives the most precious and heart-rending moments that led up to her sudden kidnapping.

The previous October, when Grace stepped inside an elevator and into the life of sexy, enigmatic actor Rhys Matthews, it all began. But Grace must ask herself, “How will it end?”

Book Trailer: INERTIA Book 1 The Threestone Trilogy


The book trailer for my first science fiction novel is complete!

Feel free to take a look-see and tell me what you think!

My Author Interview With Kendra Ayers

Today, the lovely Kendra Ayers has posted the interview she conducted with about my newest book, September Rain!

EbookSEPTEMBERIt has been said, if you hold your past too closely, it will smother your right now.
That’s exactly what Angel Patel is hoping for.
Imprisoned some 6 years before the story begins, Angel is up for a reluctant case review. Still plagued by guilt, Angel tells the story of her transformation from neglected child, to teenage outcast, to obsessed lover, to murderer.


She read it.

She loved it.

She asked me questions about it.

The following interview was pasted from Kendras’ blog, A Buggy Tale:

I would like you all to meet A.R. Rivera. She just released her second book, September Rain, on May 15th and I must say this book is full of twists and turns. One thing I enjoy about reading Rivera’s work is that she knows how to keep you in suspense and spin a tale that keeps you guessing until the end. Her first novel, Between Octobers, had me laughing, crying, and constantly guessing. September Rain did the exact same thing!

I was fortunate to conduct an interview with her and learn some insider information on how she came up with the storyline for her second novel. Without spoiling the book, she answered questions about September Rain and how she creatively linked this book with her first one to continue the series. Check it out:

  1. September Rain begins with Angel Patel, your lead character, in prison. Did you have to do any research for this part of the book or did you go with your own version of what you thought prison would be like?

I did do some research about prison life, actually. Most of that research involved watching documentaries about life behind bars. Most of what I learned about prison life did not find a place in the final manuscript, though. 

  1. This book can be read as a stand alone or along with your first book Between Octobers. Did this story line come as an after thought or had you planned to write in this order on purpose?

Honestly, it was an afterthought. I felt like this particular characters story needed to be told, which seems more a testament to the way my creative process works than anything else. I find that most of my ideas come from seeing a person—real or imagined—in a situation and then asking myself what circumstances this person might have fought or fallen into that resulted in my seeing/thinking of them in said situation. I find something intriguing—like a woman waking up in a trunk—and then work out how she got there and what will happen next.

  1. Your sons are in a band. Did they help you with some of the scenes that related to the shows, the types of guitars, etc?

Oh absolutely! In fact, much of Jake’s creativity, his ability to make music; the things that Angel wonders about the interworkings of his mind came from my own awe, watching my boys compose.

I might be able to write a book, but a song? A melody? Never! And my guitar-playing, music-writing kid did give me lots of advice about instruments. The other stuff came from personal experience as the road-crew to my kids band, Forgotten Faces, and the many concerts I’ve been to.

  1. Having read Between Octobers, I noticed this book was much darker and even a bit racier than the first. Did you incorporate this because of the age group you were writing about or just because you felt it was something you wanted to explore?

Racy? Well, Grace, from Between Octobers was a completely different person. Her story was simply a reflection of her life. Plus, she was inspired by Queen Esther.

But to be honest, I didn’t really think about the darker aspect until the story was done. The characters voices just evolved as they so often do, on their own, inside my mind. Writing fiction, for me, has always left me with a raw, exposed feeling. But in the best way. I have to give my all or keep it to myself. And if I don’t write, I become a moody monster.

The plot for September Rain developed in a manner where I sometimes felt like I was watching a black flower bloom, and other parts were like watching a car accident. I couldn’t uproot the direction or stop the action. The story would have wilted. And these characters being so very different from me in lifestyle and upbringing, I did struggle with the language and subject matter. But I felt like it was not my place to try and change them. Toning down their story to fit an audience or category would feel like I was not being true, like I was telling half the story. And a half-told truth feels like a lie. So, I simply tried to tell their stories without judgment though they do many, many things I do not condone.

  1. I really enjoyed the twist in the story. Without giving too much away, explain about how you came up with the car accident, the relationship between Avery and Angel, and the obsession with Jake.

The car accident just came to me one day as I was wondering over my characters. As part of my creative process, I ask myself questions about my characters motives. For instance, say a person is wealthy and arrested for shoplifting. What kind of person does that? Where is their heart, their mind, at that they feel the need to steal? Is it boredom? Or something psychological? I choose the answers that interest me the most and work from there.

The car accident was an image in my head, playing like a short film. It seemed like a plausible catalyst for the things that happen later on in the story.

Also, music has held a strong presence in my life since meeting my husband. One of his hobbies is going to concerts. Big, small, local, long-distance: if he likes the band, we’re going. His passion introduced me to many types of music I never would have listened to before, which also introduced me to Marcos Curiel, (guitarist of P.O.D) whose work with a band called The Accident Experiment inspired the plot of this book. The specific song is called Sick Love Letter. I totally recommend everybody give it a listen!

  1. What’s next for this series?

I’m so glad you asked!

Right now, I am working on the continuation of Evans story. It picks up a few years later and focuses on family issues—since you’ve read Between Octobers you know he has a TON. It’s a multi-generational plot thus far: Evan struggling with being a dad, coping with mounting insecurities, the dark-side of fame, and his ever-present abandonment issues. I don’t know how it will go for him—which is first for me since I usually know an ending before I begin, but I am excited about what’s in store for him. It’s tentatively titled November Mourning and hopefully releasing later this year or early next year.

I am also working on a story about a twenty-something girl named Jan, short for January. Her story intertwines with Evans in an interesting way but I love her so much, she’s getting her own book!

I am also working on my first sci-fi fantasy book, tentatively titled, Inertia. It’s the first in what I think will be at least two books. Maybe three. We’ll see how it goes. 

Congrats on the release of your second book, A.R. Rivera!

If any of you happen to be interested in purchasing the book, click the book cover on the right!

ROBsessed Fiction Friday Giveaway!

It’s the official release day of my second novel, SEPTEMBER RAIN. You, reader, may recall. I might have mentioned it once or twice.

But todays’ giveaway is being hosted by the uber-wonderful–and if you’re like me–frequently visited ROBsessed blog.

AmysPhone 171Of course, May is Rob’s birthday month (MINE TOO!)so they’re giving away TONS of books this fiction Friday! Just click the Oprah below and you can enter with one click!

57095501Below is a snippet I have pasted from their blog:

We have plenty of goodies today! Book sets, sequels and gift cards, oh my!

The book set is coming from an author and Rob fan who we’ve featured before with her novel, Between Octobers. You guys might recognize A. R. Rivera from the comments and she’s our featured author for this Fiction Friday!

Last year, A.R. released Between Octobers and also let us know that Rob inspired one of the characters! From A. R.:

Rhys Matthews, also known as Evan, is a fictional character from my book, Between Octobers. He is Graces’ love interest–handsome, funny, charming, and an all-around nice guy. His career–the mania that surrounds him–is inspired by that of Robert Pattinson. He also happens to be British, with great hair and a few dark secrets. He is poised to steal Graces’ heart.

 photo sexy smile 2.gifI hope you take the time to enter! It’s the only way to win!


Of course, If you’re not a “contest-person” you can always click the book cover and get your own copy . . .

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