I #SupportWNDB – The Series: Being A Better Writer Means Being Diverse

I am reblogging this not only because the guest poster is none other than The Chrsita Wojo. But also because I totally agree with her view on this one. Diversity in writing is so important.
There is no other way to learn what its like to be some one who is nothing like us. To get to know a person whom we have nothing in common with, yet find out we can still understand each other.

Madhuri Writes Things


How Diversity Makes You A Better Writer

Christa Wojo

Living in Panama for nearly a decade, I’ve learned what it feels like to be isolated from the rest of society. Now I’m more or less at home and speak Spanish well, but when I first moved here and didn’t know the language. People stared at me, a tall blue-eyed blond girl, like I was a Sasquatch. I was a minority in a world of Salsa and juega vivo. I was gringa.

I hid in the house and watched CSI reruns because that was the only show on in English. I remember one time I was listening to the radio while waiting for my husband in the car, and in the midst of reggaeton and obnoxious screaming DJ, a song by The Strokes came on. I think I almost cried. I felt like I was with old friends. It…

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