INERTIA by A.R Rivera

Here is my latest author interview with the wonderful Mary Sage Nguyen …


Mary Sage Nguyen's Blog

A.R Rivera

Genre: Metaphysical, Science Fiction, and Literary Fiction

Date of Publication: June, 2015


Pages: 317

Book Blurb:

Its Back To The Future meets Doctor Who in this NEW epic Science Fiction Saga by A.R. Rivera!

Gerry Springer is going to be dead in three weeks. He knows exactly when and where–he’s trying to manipulate the ‘how’.

How to plan every detail of his demise to ensure that Daemon, his nemesis whose acting as Gerry’s personal Angel of Death, doesn’t close-in on his grown son too early. His boy, ‘G’, will need time to understand what has happened and why, time to make the choice Gerry hopes he will make. The one choice that might change everything.

‘G’, a 30-something slacker, was named after his father, Gerry Springer. Can you believe it? Who would name their kid Gerry Springer in this day and age? Well, G hates…

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