Fan-girling For Art

I don’t usually blog about art, though it’s something close to my heart. It’s not often that I simply run across a piece that speaks to me. But then, two weeks ago, my husband took me to see a local band called We Killed The King. They were really good–mostly instrumental stuff. I’ll be getting their album soon. But what I took away from that night was the deep swell of emotion I felt when I first saw the work of artist Bryan Pickens:

This is my favorite!

All over the walls at this venue, there were these enormous paintings. Seriously, they were at least six feet tall, and tagged with for sale signs and the artists website:

I’ve always had a love for the canvas, paint a most admired medium. But I always preferred the more classical type of work. So it shocked me a little that I found myself so captivated with this mans work.

Like playing the piano, it’s something I’ll never be able to do as well as I would like, so I leave it to the one’s with the drive to excel and admire from afar.

IMG_20150404_194723 Yeah, the photos aren’t doing them justice. And there were many others that I didn’t take pictures of because the lighting was bad and my camera phone sucks.

Here is some of the other amazing work I found on his website:



pickens_untitled4I hope you like his work and check out his website!


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