Get SICK and SICKER – Free book and new release

Check out hte book trailer for Christa Wojo’s newest novella, SICKER Pt 2/3. It’s the most succint trailer ever. :’)

Christa Wojciechowski


Celebrating the Release of SICKER

I’m giving away SICK for the next two days. Here are the latest reviews:

“Disturbing yet gripping at the same time!”

“SICK is a story that you can’t shrug off easily.”

“Dark and clever.”

Get free copy of SICK

SICK A novella by Christa Wojo on Kindle FREE 4/13-14/2016

Everyone has a breaking point.

Part I. Is this marriage based on unconditional love or a unhealthy obsession?

Susan Branch’s life revolves around the care of her charming and inscrutable husband John, a man born into wealth and prestige who lost his family’s fortune when his mysterious chronic illnesses left him bedridden. Together they live a decrepit existence beholden to the current owners of his family’s former estate.

After years of devoting herself to John’s care, Susan is worn out and frustrated. Yet she is determined to scrape together whatever resources she can to keep John comfortable and happy. This includes stealing Demerol from…

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2 thoughts on “Get SICK and SICKER – Free book and new release

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the news and for helping me with all my books. I’m really excited about it! I know my trailer is very short. It’s really just a mini video I created to make a gif for Twitter. Maybe I should make a real trailer now. 😀


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