A simple guide to planning a novel – Part 1

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The Writing Chimp

I am going to confess something right off—I hate planning. I hate it with a passion. I find it boring. So, if I want to plana novel I need to make it super easy, and when I say super easy, I mean idiot proof.

MySimpleguide to planning a novelwill be aseries coming out everyWednesday. Today we are looking at the tools needed, pre-work, and Stage 1 – Brainstorming. Iwill be usingStar Wars to provideplot point explanations, and these exampleswill be obvious even for those who haven’t seen the movie. If you haven’t seen Star Wars (why haven’t you seen it?),I will also be using examples from Toy Story.

My advice in using this guide isnot to over-think every stage. For example, if you don’t have a complete character profile you can move forward anyway. You do need someof the character profile, though.

You will find that as…

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