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(Singing) “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow” . . .



Yeah, it was a little cheesy.

It gets the point across, though.

Jokes aside. I am pretty happy because my second book is out tomorrow!!!

Number-5And I’ve got a few blog tour dates lined up with super awesome, wonderful bloggers like: Kendra Ayers, Deranged Writers, Christa Wojo, and the ROBsessed website!

I am also actively seeking reviews for this book so if you’re a reader looking for some semi-strange, genre sprinkled type of fiction (there’s some YA, NA, suspense, and psychological thrills) drop a line in the comment section. Click the ‘My Books’ tab to read the blurb, see if it sounds like something you’d be interested in.

Maybe we can trade a digital copy of the book for a review!

ryanseacrest_620_0917121Rivera out.


Comments on: "September Rain Releasing 5/15" (4)

  1. Congrats!! That’s so cool! I am reading Between Octobers (read another chapter last night) and loving it! ♥

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