It’s official.

Not only that, but it’s awesome.

May 15th is the release of my second novel, September Rain, Book 2 in my Savor The Days series . . .

SEPTEMBERrainAnd I am excited! Mostly because it’s my second book, but it’s also my first self-published book. My debut novel, Between Octobers (click the cover in the right hand corner and get a free copy while you can!), was published through a small press that shut down at the end of last year. So, with this second book, I was a tad apprehensive about going out on submission and rejection, but decided that I’m flying solo on this one.

One part of my solo mission is booking a blog/promo tour around the release date. One very super-duper exciting part of this release tour (what I’ve got scheduled so far) is the fact that the wonderful moderators over at the ROBsessed website had agreed to host a giveaway for me next month!

imagesThis is huge. This site gets major traffic, ya’ll. From all over the globe. They do weekly giveaways for NYT best-sellers! Even Rob Pattinson himself has said he visits the site:

If any of you have read anything about my writing, you’ll know that I am a Pattinson fan. I also love the ladies that I have met through the ROBsessed boards. They are some of the nicest, most understanding and supportive virtual group of cuties. So I am honored and humbled to be kicking off my book release tour with them.

I’ll be updating the blog with actual dates for the full tour in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Rivera  Out!

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