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In honor of finishing my second novel, (TBR early 2015) I am compiling a DREAM CAST!

Countdown To Chaos… three friends… two bodies… and one dark secret


Are you paying attention?

There is no official blurb yet, as I hate writing them, but Countdown to Chaos is about a girl named Angel Patel whose in the midst of serving a life sentence for a horrific crime, one in which she is truly not guilty.

Or is she?

It’s one of those stories where you really have to pay attention, because the devil is in the details.

When Angel goes before a parole board to tell her side of the story, readers will follow her (and her friends) through the events leading up to one deadly night.   

2014-emma-watson-new-top-wallpaper-in-high-definition-freeThis is Angel, at the age of 17, when most of the story takes place. She is self-described as plain, but Jake (I can’t wait until you meet Jake!) thinks she’s beautiful. And because Angel has some serious personal issues–you know, with her mother trying to kill her and all–she would have to be played by a stellar actress capable of bringing the wide-range of emotion that the story requires. So, if I had my pick, it’d be Emma Watson.  



Now, for the pivotal role of  Angels very best friend, Avery, I had to go with Kristen Stewart. She’s just so good at the ‘I-don’t-give-a-$%*!’ And that is Avery, all over!







Teresa Palmer is my choice to play Avery’s older sister, Teresa, because well, they look so much alike and she exudes that sweet, maternal energy that is so important to Teresa’s character.







Now we have Dr. Elena Williams. If any of you have read Between Octobers, that name will sound familiar to you. She was Graces’ therapist. And in this book (the story takes place in 1994-ish, so it is early in her career) she is Angels’ psychiatrist. For her, I have only ever imagined one person. Queen Latifah. Give her some squared bi-focals and a little wave in her hair, and you have the Good Doctor.




robert-pattinson-gq-best-dressed-white-shirt-black-tie-sexy-messy-hair-2010-2011There is no one person that could play Jacob Haddon. He is Angels very hot and slightly older boyfriend. He’s got it all: looks, personality, a big heart, and tons and tons of talent. He’s the lead-singer of Angels favorite band in the entire world. Analog Controller. They’re not well-known yet, but they rock her world eight days a week!

And if I had it within my powers to create a real, in the flesh Jake, he would be a younger, sweeter, not-so-crazy Jared Leto.

Jared Joseph Leto tourism destinations With a dash of Pattinson thrown in, because let’s face it. He’s the Bacon of actors! He makes everything better!


Sounds, good. Doesn't it?

Sounds, good. Doesn’t it?


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  1. Great fun. I know who should play my main character if a movie was ever made of my first two novels but unfortunately Steve McQueen is riding motorcycles among the stars.

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