A Dream Cast

This post was originally shared by my publisher. Since it involves me and my book, I thought I’d repost:


This week we’re asking our authors to create their dream cast for the movie version of their book. Today, we’re featuring A.R. Rivera, author of Between Octobers, to be released June 17, 2014.

“I love my characters. They’re like real people to me. So, the actors I have chosen to represent them were picked, not only because they are all excellent at what they do, but because they also happen to look like the people that lived inside my head until I made them a home on the pages of my book.” Between Octobers blurb is here


Dream Cast from A.R. Rivera

Rachel McAdams (Grace Zuniga) 

For the role of Grace Zuniga, I want the lovely, talented, Rachel McAdams. She’s the right age, she’s athletic, and one heck of an actress. Her films, The Vow, Time Traveller’s Wife, and (who could forget) The Notebook, have held some very emotionally charged scenes, which she pulled off spectacularly. I love her.


Genesis Rogriguez (Lily Zuniga)

In my search for the right actress to portray Lily Zuniga, Graces’ sassy, protective BFF and sister-in-law, I had some trouble. Until I came across Genesis Rodriguez. She’s had parts in Identity Theft, with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy and Casa De Mi Padre, starring Will Farrell.


Robert Pattinson (Evan/Rhys Matthews) 

The role of Evan, a.k.a. Rhys Matthews, could only be played by one of two people. A complete unknown actor, or…. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “That Twilight guy?” But believe when me I tell you, that Robert Pattinson is capable of so much more than stiff-faced Edward Cullen. In fact, his film, Remember Me, is one of my all-time favorites. And he was exceptional in Cosmopolis. He did a fabulous job playing an abusive, greedy womanizer in Bel Ami, too. If you have never seen any of them, I suggest you rent any or all and get back to me. I will be happy to say, “I told you so.”


Anton Yelchin (Marcus Randal) 

Slap a neat beard on Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Fright Night) and you get Marcus Randal, Evan’s best friend.



Chandler Canterbury (Noah Zuniga) Graces’ fifteen year-old son, Noah, has to be Chandler Canterbury. He’s only sixteen, but he’s been around for a long time. I liked the way he played Jaime, little brother to Melanie Strider, in The Host. What really won me over, though, was that he played a young Peter Bishop in Fringe, the TV series. Loved that show!


Samantha Morton (Sheri Barry)

Say hello to Sheri Barry, Evan’s manager, played by Samantha Morton. Give her a cute bob, a tailored Gucci two-piece suit, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her acting credits include Decoding Annie Parker, The Messenger, John Carter, Daisy Chain, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age, just to name a few. She is exceptional. And she was in Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson!

5 thoughts on “A Dream Cast

  1. I never appreciated Robert until I saw Cosmopolis. Remember the prostate examination scene? Whoa.

    I feel bad for him that he is branded as Edward Cullen. Hopefully, he’ll have more chances to rise above that role in the future.


    1. I loved that scene! When I read it in the book, I was like, “that will be cut when they make the movie.” So glad I was wrong.
      There’s probably about three actors who could make pull that one off. My favorite scene was the last one, with Paul Giamatti.
      As good as it was though, Remember Me is still my favorite. So good!! Not just because I love Rob Pattinson. But just a really good movie. Very touching storyline. I love characters with inner turmoil. And the plot sort of picked up in the middle of story. I love it when they do that.


  2. Marlena H.

    I LOVE this post!! Isn’t it amazing who is created in your mind when writing?
    By the way, Robert is my leading man, too! He is very swoon-worthy!! 🙂


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