Meh, It’ll Do …

Hey All!

As many of you know I have been in the writing cave these last several months working my magic and stuff.


One of those magical things was the book cover for my next book, INERTIA.

***FYI- release date MIGHT be pushed back. I know! I’m sorry, but it’s just not quite where i want it to be and I need it to be perfect!

In the interest of said perfection, I have tweaked the cover. Just a little.

It used to look like this:


And now it looks like this:

See, hardly any difference at all!

One of the reasons I decided to change the cover was this next book will be the first of a trilogy and I want each book cover to stick with the same theme. The storyline has a color scheme (I know. Weird, but it does) so I wanted to include that in the cover and that meant making changes.

SO … If any book reviewers/bloggers are interested in reviewing my book, lemme know. I’ll be contacting some people on my own very soon (another reason to push back the release) but if you’re an anxious reader, looking for some NEW Sci-Fi, hit me up!

It doesn’t end on a major cliffhanger, I swear!


Its Back To The Future meets Doctor Who in this this NEW Science Fiction Saga by A.R. Rivera!

Gerry Springer is going to be dead in three weeks.He knows exactly when and where–he’s trying to manipulate the ‘how’.

How to plan every detail of his demise to ensure that Daemon, his nemesis whose acting as Gerry’s personal Angel of Death, doesn’t close-in on his son too early. His boy, G, will need time to understand what has happened and why, time to make the choice Gerry hopes he will make. The one choice that might change everything. 

G, a 30-something slacker, was named after his father. Gerry Springer. Can you believe it? Who would name their kid Gerry Springer? Well, G hates his name for obvious reasons. Less obvious are the reasons he hates his life.

When G is involved in a bus accident with a seeming dangerous stranger and wakes up in 1996, he decides the best way to change his crappy life is to prevent the horrible tragedy he witnessed as a 16 year-old. Most of what went wrong in his life began that day. If he could stop it, his dad would never start drinking. He wouldn’t lose his job. His mom would never leave. His little sister would grow up.
But life back in good ‘ole predictable 1996 is not exactly as G remembers it. Was his dads nose always so big? Was his distant mother ever really that attentive or happy? G is doubting everything he sees as his plans to alter his future begin to unravel.
When a strange man that G recognizes from the bus accident suddenly shows up and helps him out of a jam, G is sure he’s found a new ally, but then he’s never been a very good judge of character.

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