Wicked Awesome Book Review

I’m reblogging my own post. Doesn’t say much for my creativity at the moment, I know. But it’s my kids birthday and I’m too busy constructing a guitar-shaped cake to do much more than hit the “reblog” button.
so . . .


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1095As the title of this post suggests, I am posting a book review from onlinebookclub. And it’s for MY book, September Rain, released earlier this year.

I’m going to do the honorable thing (not) and post the parts I like best, but you can read the original, full length post here.

Prepare yourself: it’s a freaking awesome reviewby an official reviewer named Sara Clay!


I give September Rain 4 out of 4 stars for the cohesive display of complex plot.

I devoured this novel in two days, sacrificing obligations and sleep. With heaviness and bags under my eyes, I must say that I am impressed.

September Rain, the second installment of the Savor the Days Series, is a contemporary romance between a troubled foster child, Angel, and a musician named Jake. Throughout the course of Jake’s band’s advancement in the world of music, their affections…

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