September Rain by A. R. Rivera

Here is the lovely review of my second novel, September Rain, (reblogged) straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. Obviously, she’s not a horse. (sorry, Sarah) Sarah is a human female with the ability to read and interpret literature. Obviously.
Also, she’s obviously got good taste because she liked me book.
(“Toot! Toot!” Says my horn.)

 . . . Yeah, that’s not an awkward introduction at all.

Read the original review here.

Rating: 4.5/5

September Rain by A. R. Rivera is told by a series of flashbacks from the main character while she recounts the events leading up to her jailing. When Angel shows up to a band’s performance with her best friend Avery, she has no idea it will change the course of her life. While there, she meets Jake, the gorgeous lead singer. As the band takes off, Angel finds herself gladly caught up in the crazy music world. She goes as far as to see a future with Jake. But danger lurks in Angel’s past, and she becomes increasingly distant with Avery. In jail, Angel tells us constantly of her hatred for her once best friend, who, according to her, is the reason Jake is now dead.

I loved this book. I sacrificed sleep for this book. For a while, it just feels…

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