A Portal to the Sixties! Darnay Road

I have heard so many amazing things about this book, Darnay Road. It’s just one of those things I hear when I’m out there virtually socializing and tweeting. People are like, “You have to read this book!” “It’s sssooooo good!!!”
It’s on my list of books to read and I will get to them eventually, dang it!! In fact, I’m quite sure I will be reading everything Diane Munier writes, because these recommendations are coming from chicks that know the type of books I like to read. Great ones!
In the mean time, here’s a little bit about Darnay Road by the lovely and talented Diane Munier . . .

Diane Munier

Darnay Road CoverOne dear reader called this my Mockingbird. This story begins in the early sixties and continues into the seventies. It is told from the point of view of Georgia Christine, ten-year-old student of life. Georgia represents the innocence of those turbulent, often violent times. Even her beloved Darnay Road is not immuned to the darkness that hangs on the edges of her small and sheltered life. There are the tracks behind that separate Darnay from Scutter. Those boys that live over there, Easy and his brother, life isn’t as good for them. The way to the tracks is through the yard of a demented woman, but behind, well that’s where they found that body, torn in pieces, dragged that way by the train. Easy and his brother…that death separates them from the big houses on Darnay. Georgia calls her house Big White. She lives there with her Granma. Granma would…

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