Conflict: The Fuel Of Your Story—Craft Tuesday at Write on the River

This post is full of useful writing tips and information about how to construct conflict within your manuscript. I have to reblog!
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Bob Mayer

After we write down the original/kernel idea at the Write on the River workshop, we then spend considerable time filling out the Conflict Box on whiteboard. Filling out this simple diagram answers so many questions for your story. (June is full– next available slots 12-13 September).

The Kernel Idea starts your creative process. Conflict is the fuel that keeps your story going. Conflict reveals your characters’ true natures and draws the reader closer. It gives the reader a reason to keep turning the page. Without conflict, your idea cannot be translated into story.

Every scene in your book must have conflict. Conflict keeps a story going and reveals much about your characters. Conflict is the gap between expectation and the actual result. There are 3 levels of conflict for your characters:

  • inner (inside the character). In many cases inner conflict occurs when a person has a disagreement between values…

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