Book Review – Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

I listened to this audiobook a few months back. . . Jim Gaffigan is a funny guy.


Overall: if you like Jim Gaffigan’s stand up, then you will like this book. If you don’t like his stand-up, then go back to watching reality TV and ironically riding your fixie.

With a little over lap, Gaffigan’s self deprecating humor about life, food and the humor of being a pale white man translates well to the written word apart from his well known, memorized and often paraphrased stand-up comedy.

I picked up this book because I like Gaffigan’s stand up, it had pictures and the chapters are super short (in this reading man’s opinion that’s the trifecta!). Playing into his strengths and comedic stylings, Gaffigan delivers a honest look into his life as a son in a big family, husband of a great wife and father of five kids. Carving out a life in NYC with five children to most people, according to his own interactions with people, is…

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