Whatch’ya Think?

GoldmemberMemeI’m working on cover concepts for my soon to be released follow up (well a stand-alone prequel, actually since it’s the back story of one of the characters. If you wanna know who, you’ll have to read it.) to my previous novel, Between Octobers.
Last September (formerly Countdown to Chaos) is a completely different type of story with different types of characters in a different city and takes place over a span of about ten years. And while I’ve been dreading writing the blurb, I have been tinkering with different ideas for the book cover.
And I’d like some critiquing on it. Yeah, it happens that I enjoy a bit of healthy criticism. So take a peek at one potential cover idea and let me know what you think!


11 thoughts on “Whatch’ya Think?

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    1. Thank you! I was thinking of maybe adding a little shading, to add depth. But a different font altogether is something worth considering. I did a little research about types of fonts used on book covers, but I think I’ll dig a little deeper.
      If you don’t mind my picking your brain: Do you think the color of the font works? Choosing the exact color I’m looking for has proved challenging with my limited abilities.


      1. As I get more experienced, I learn. The font can describe something about the story. It’s important to remain subtile, but it can help. There are bloody horror fonts, old west fonts, tattered ones that look like pirate sails, etc. My last book has a Greco-Roman setting so carved in stone became the font. I wouldn’t go too swirly, because some of those are hard to read.

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