Help a Writer Out . . .

As some of you may know, I am in the last stages of finishing my latest manuscript, Countdown to Chaos. Well, that’s been the title of the manuscript for some time now. But now I’m wondering if it fits.

See, the protagonist in Countdown to Chaos–her name is Angel, and this book is actually the back story of one of the characters in my current novel, Between Octobers.

BUT . . .

A reader won’t have to read Octobers to enjoy Chaos. See, Countdown to Chaos is a prequel, but it’s also a stand alone novel. The connections would be apparent to persons who have read Between Octobers, and even then, not until the middle of the story, with the most obvious connection coming in the epilogue.

That is why I am torn on the name change.

So, if you, Dear Reader, would take a moment of your valuable time to click the big round button in the top-right corner of the blog page and take the poll, I’d appreciate it very much! It will only take a second and there’s no personal information involved.

Simply click your choice of title–the one that most appeals to you: September Angel or (current title) Countdown to Chaos?

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2 thoughts on “Help a Writer Out . . .

  1. “Fall Angel”. September is, after all, the start of fall. Is it a command or request or suggestion or simply the time the story takes place? Or is it a play on Fallen Angel? The great masses will be compelled to buy the book to find out. It’s twisty and quirky and doesn’t fit neatly into the ear. A title that will be remembered.

    Or not, just a suggestion. Good luck with your book.


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