Another Tuesday, Another Heartbreak . . .

Caution: This post contains spoilers!

If you’re looking for the play by play of the heart-shattering episode, “Red Rose,”click here.

Last nights episode of Sons Of Anarchy was one of the toughest yet. And considering what the past six and 11/12’s seasons has shown us, that is really saying something!

It opened peacefully, and closed with aching silence. (And a wide shot of Charlie Hunnams backside, which I could have done without.)

Within the first two minutes of the opening scene, I noticed something different about Jax. He seemed… off somehow. I kept asking my husband, “What is wrong with him? Why is he so… calm? And why is he limping?”

Well, they never did show us why or how Jax got that hitch in his giddy-up, but I think I figured out why he seemed so relaxed.

He was resigned. At some point after his gut-wrenching “How could she do this to Tara?” conversation with Nero, Jax resigned himself to the fact that he can’t win. And–I’m just supposing here–I don’t think he wants to anymore. But then, the moves he’s making with the Presidents Mayhem vote, his dads manuscript, and the secrets being withheld from the viewers has me hoping Jackson Teller has something up his sleeve.

One tidbit I would like to acknowledge is that I WAS RIGHT!!! Jax sent Wendy and his boys off with Nero to the farm! I just hope he joins them, but it’s not looking good.

During the dramatic night, we saw the departure of three characters.


R.I.P. Juicy. I’ll never look at Cherry pie without thinking of you.

We all saw it coming. Waited for it. Knew that by Club rules, Mayhem must fall. Still… it was sad to watch him slowly fall into that pit. He was completely gutted by the time he gave up the ghost.


Matriarch and Murderess played beautifully by Katy Segal

 We waited for it since the final episode of season 6, A Mothers Work. And last night, as the anticipated face-off unfolded… I had no idea what was going to happen.

tumblr_inline_nbtkqv8fiF1sy5lwuIt should have been obvious. I mean, this is heartbroken, veanegeful Jax. He loved Tara more than anything and his mother ruined it all. He is destroyed. His children are destroyed because of this woman. And I wanted Gemma to pay for what she did, but I was with Nero on this one. SO hoping Jax would leave the dirty work to someone else. Or take the high road.Or decide that letting her live with what she did was punishment enough.

He did neither. 

In fact, he steamrolled over poor Unser to get to her.

unserThis death, to me, was the most shocking since Opie. (I’m still not over it. Why Kurt Sutter?! WHy?!!) I did not see it coming.

But then, as Unser lay there, bleeding out, Jax just pops a squat beside dear old Mommy and starts and oddly calm conversation. You feel the tension. But you also know these characters, so that is not so shocking. Jax asks about his fathers manuscript. Gemma tells him where to find it. And then asks if he’ll be so kind as to shoot her in the rose garden out back.

And as Jax is struggling with the toughest decision of his life… his mother does the unthinkable. She encourages him. She tells him, “it’s okay…this is who we are.”

Well that had me erupting at the television set. First of all, this woman! She loves her son and baits him into killing her? Like it’s the most normal thing in the world! Like Jax having to live with the fact that he killed his mother, and she was okay with it, that will make it all better. Yeah, he’ll sleep soundly. Then I remembered Jax’s weird calm.

The resignation he exuded through every crazy stressful situation. And I wanted to cry all over again.


Next week we will all see the series finale. Here’s the sneak peek from Sons Of Anarchy youtube channel:




2 thoughts on “Another Tuesday, Another Heartbreak . . .

  1. What a roller coaster ride huh?
    I mean … after all was said and done, Jax isn’t so torn up that he can’t take his frustrations out in the best way a guy knows how … and yeah, I could have done without the Fido’s pov as well. Eww. My husband said to me, that’s just how we are. We’re always up for THAT. Then he blissed me out and we fell asleep.
    But yeah, as many times as I just KNEW Unser wasn’t going to make it through the episode, then BAM! I thought after last week … that just maybe he would be one of the survivors, but nope. But I should have expected it though because he did love Gemma enough to take a bullet for her … and that’s exactly what he did.
    Juice. Man. Talk about dying with dignity, right? I think out of all the ‘regulars’, Juice is the one that I really hated to see go down. It’s almost like he wanted to be good, but the world was against him at every turn.
    I hoped that Gemma would be shunned. I figured as much as she loved those grandsons, that would be enough of a punishment. But I guess I was wrong. How does a guy shoot his mother in the back of the head, leave her for the dogs and bugs, and not end up in his own Poe-esque personal hell eventually?
    Jax. The man may have had a dream, but so did his dad and you see where he ended up. With every episode, I’ve seen him lose more and more of his humanity. I’ll give Kurt Sutter credit, he is making sure that this show will definitely be remembered! Everyone is talking about it everywhere! And those who AREN’T talking about it are the ones griping about Ferguson, so they don’t matter anyway. LOL 😉

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