Thank you, Kurt Sutter, for the best scene on Sons of Anarchy. Ever.

Here is a first. I’m going to talk about a TV show. I usually don’t blog about television, but dang, after seeing this weeks episode of SOA, there are some thoughts I must convey.

I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy since Season 1. I began because my husband made me. But by Season 2, I was hooked. I almost swore it off when Opie whispered, “I got this.” And absolutely swore it off after seeing the final episode of Season 6,  A Mothers Love. (Why Kurt Sutter? WHY?!)

***Be advised: If you’re not up-to-date on Sons, this may contain spoilers***

But then I had a few months to take in all that had happened and decided, if Jax was ever going to get out, surely losing his wife would send him packing. But no. He went the opposite direction, diving headlong into the depths of depravity without the moral compass that Tara provided for him.

Then last week happened. It shocked me. Hello! The opening montage was nothing but a series of sex scenes. But after watching the episode in entirety, I get why.

Looking back, I see how they’d been building up to this scene all season. Priming us. Preparing us viewers for the strangest, and most refreshing scene I have ever watched unfold on television.

If you watched the show, you know which scene I’m talking about.

Setting aside the “unorthodox” nature of the characters, the clash between the two worlds, it a flipping fantastic scene. Possibly one of the best in television history. And it’s not because of the “outside the box” or “crisscrosses” that Venus mentions. Or maybe it is. But I really don’t care. All I really know is that Kurt Sutter let me get to to know these two characters. He gave me background on Venus, helped me sympathize with her struggles. And we saw Tig’s fascination with her for several weeks. We saw the boys in the Club get a kick out of it.

So when it came time for the characters to open up, we were ready. And that is some stellar writing. So thank you, Kurt Sutter, for opening our minds before we even realized they were shut. For helping us get over our preconceived notions. Your show may exhibit WAY more man-ass and overt violence than I’m comfortable with, and even though I have to watch with one hand up, ready to cover my eyes at any given moment, I could not look away from this beautifully sculpted scene. And I didn’t want to, because it was wonderfully written, acted, and directed. So, thank you.

Below is the moment I’m referring to. It takes place in season 7, episode 10, between Tig, on of the Sons, and Venus, a wonderful, kind-hearted character who happens to be transgender. There’s a a short commentary by the actors ans then the scene itself.

As this scene unfolded, I kept thinking, ‘what wonderful acting! What a brilliant script! What a powerful moment!’ And I’m not the only one…


**UPDATED: Producer Paris Barclay, talks to Entertainment Weekly about filming the scene.** Click the link for an insiders perspective!

If you missed the episode, you can catch it On Demand, or here. It’s a Must See.

12 thoughts on “Thank you, Kurt Sutter, for the best scene on Sons of Anarchy. Ever.

  1. Right? I mean … how does a guy kill his own mom and live a normal life after that? I can’t even count the times I worried that Unser wouldn’t make it through an episode, but that tough ol bird is still kicking ass and taking names.
    I get the feeling though, that Sutter is going out with a bang and it’s going to be one of those WTF/Shyamalan moments at the end. But I AM loving these long episodes though! Standing ovation for that!

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  2. I know. My fear is that no one is going to survive, except the Jaxs’ boys, Wendy and Nero. Considering Jax’ temperment and all he’s been through, I can’t see him being able to go on after he sees to it the Gemma meets Mr Mayhem.


  3. Everything is so up in the air right now. At first I thought … they’re all going down in flames and Gemma will have those boys, but now it looks like her time may end before Jax’s. She doesn’t deserve to live after all the damage she’s caused. She took that biker queen title way too seriously and it got innocent people killed! (Poor Bobby!) But yeah, I’m sad to see it come to an end but at the same time, I’m anxious to see who is left after it’s a wrap!

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  4. Walton Goggins who plays Venus Van Dam also is Boyd Crowder (another of our favorite shows here in the neanderthal home) and was ALSO in The Shield (Shane). I have enjoyed him as a character actor and when he came onto the scene as Venus (looking better than some women I’ve seen btw), I was instantly smitten with the sexy, deep-voiced kitten that he is.
    I’ve been nuts about Tigs because, let’s face it … Tigs is a freak! Word on the street is he’ll stick his dipstick into any warm spot (maybe even a cold one or two) so for him to go all tender for Venus was just perfection. Sure the husband was dry heaving in the shower … “this is a man’s show” “I would expect this from ABC” and proclaiming that he simply “can’t have nothing!” LOL … but I was clapping and silent screaming for Tigs and Venus to be left standing at the end of this series.

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    1. Hahahahahahaha!
      The way you describe your husband is funny!
      I agree, a hundred percent. The casting coordinator for this show is on point. Every cast member is perfection. Makes me all the more sad knowing its coming to an end. But Im dying to know whats gonna happen to Jax!


  5. Forgive me, but I just spat coffee all over myself. That’s hilarious.
    See, how, I don’t go out of my way to avoid anything ‘gay’, I just don’t watch that much television. But that is the reason I was thankful that we got to know Venus and his/her struggles. Because if they’d jumped into this set up, I wouldn’t have been able to understand it. Even though I know I’m far from perfect, I’ve never looked at myself and felt like I was fundamentally flawed. And understanding that, for me, was vital to sympathize with the characters.

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  6. My husband was watching it in the bedroom and I was in the den (with the big screen cuz SOA should always be on the big screen) and … lol … I was in here with leaky eyes cuz this scene … uno? Then I hear DH cursing in the bedroom cuz ” he can’t have one show without gays in it” … LOL
    yeah, DH is a neanderthal. 😉

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