Song For Saturday

This song just came on my Pandora station and i like it so much, I thought I should share it! The Killers - Mr. Brightside . . . Dance Monkey, Dance! 

A Song For @Rhys_Matthews

If you don't know who Rhys Matthews (known as Evan to his friends) is, that's because you haven't read my first novel, Between Octobers. Well, that's okay. You can still enjoy the song below. It's mellow, don't worry. As I have stated numerous times, Rhys is a fictionally famous actor inspired by Robert Pattinson.  But …

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Have You Ever . . .

Have you ever heard a song and, even before it's over, you immediately decide that you love it? That very thing happened to me this morning when I heard this song play. If you've read or listened to any of the other music videos I usually share on this blog, you'll know it's not my …

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