Because it’s Monday

I thought I'd post some weird stuff that I found on the internet for absolutely no reason at all. Enjoy!   This little beauty is called the Break Up Bean Plant.  Because breaking up with someone via text isn’t impersonal enough, why not give your soon-to-be ex this Breakup Bean kit? Plant the bean seeds, …

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Terrible Tuesday Post

Last week, while the husband and I were out doing the obligatory Christmas shopping, we got hungry. So, we stopped by this really great Chinese restaurant that just opened in our area  ... ... perused the menu ...  ... and ordered some really great food. Then, of course, we had to finish shopping, and asked the …

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This Is Weird, Isn’t It?

I was in a local retail outlet, shopping like every other nutcake on a Black Friday Frenzy when I overheard (Yep, I'm an eaves dropper.) this exchange: 1st woman says this to 2nd woman in the checkout line behind me: "Hey! Do you remember me?" 2nd woman: "Yeah, I remember you. Been a couple months since …

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Havin’ A Little Fun . . .

It's finally Friday! Time for a little fun: