walking by a.r. rivera

Flash Fiction: Walking

I was alone on my side of a padded booth plucking a curly fry from the paper container when Jake sat down across from me, still wearing his work clothes. “Hey, that looks good.” He said, smiling as he stole a fry. “You started without me?” “You were late and I'm a slow eater.” Last …

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bread line a.r. rivera

Flash Fiction: Bread Line

“Could you get another one?” She held up the loaf of bargain priced sandwich bread, voice calm, eyes flickering. The clerk at the register, who’d just finished bagging the groceries, scrunched his brows together. “Ma’am, is there something wrong with the bread?” The woman was barely a day over twenty-two and wasn’t used to being …

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why i love to read slowly

Why I Love to Read Slowly

I have been thinking—dangerous, I know—none the less, I have. And this is what I have come up with:Rome Was Not Built In A DayWhen I’m reading, I have this image in my head—sometimes complete, sometimes not—of the characters, the way they look, the world they live in, and the cadence of their speech. As …

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It's one event in a string of events--probable, yet seemingly impossible. Am I better than I thought or simply lucky? Blessed beyond measure? Sure, but I'm no better than anyone else. It must be dumb luck. If that's all this is, I'll take it and relish every second. This particular event started on a Monday morning. I was unpacking …

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