How To Handle Rejection

It’s (almost) never fun to learn that someone doesn’t want what you’re offering. I venture that no one has ever gotten what they wanted out of life without being rejected, whether in relationships or business. Yet, rejection is a major part of success. Some might say it’s the first step towards it.

Rejection might be what makes self-publishing appealing

Rejection is the norm for most writers who want to be published. Any writer who’s ever put their precious book-baby (or screenplay) out on submission has, if they’re lucky, gotten a rejection email. If you’re really lucky, maybe the agent or publisher you’re querying will say why they are rejecting your work. Quick side note, Query Shark is a fantastic place to go down the rabbit hole in search of succinct, successful queries.

At least when a reader rejects your book, it’s usually in the form of scrolling past your ad or thumbnail. You don’t don’t even know about it.

Rejection, even when it’s expected, sucks

In effort to help my fellow writers deal with rejection, I thought I’d drop some useful links (and short videos) with some real advice from successful writers. The ones who did not give up in the face of adversity and rejection.

Atlantic article on Why Writer’s Should Not Romanticize Rejection

Jesmyn Ward’s Story of Rejection and Perseverance: The article stresses the challenges that many writers of color or marginalized writers experience.

The Most-Rejected Books of All Time: there’s a list of famous writers who were repeatedly rejected.

You Are Stronger Than You Feel

How do you handle rejection? Do you have any questions or advice?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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