Approaching The Finish Line

You all recall a post from a while back about my entering the Finish Line Screenwriting competition? No? Click the link and have a look-see because I’ve got BIG news!

Big news for me. For you, it’s like any other day

So, the Finish Line Screenwriting Competition isn’t decided until November 5th or so. But, I got word a few days ago that my original screenplay, Dear Boy, has made it to the quarter-finals!

The semi-finals are in my sights!

I never thought I’d make it through the first round, let alone to the quarter-finals. I’ve contacted legit help for this round because this competition lets you re-write and resubmit your draft. I begged a professor at my local college – an accomplished theatre director and acting professor – because I loved his class and especially loved his sense of the characters he reads.  Thankfully, he agreed to give some notes on my script. 

So, I’ll be polishing my baby for the next few weeks … 

All thanks are appreciated and prayers are wholeheartedly welcome!

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