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I don’t know about you, but I have been spending my quarantine time catching up on writing. Usually, my writing is in the form of novels, but lately (as in the past 2 years LOL) I have been learning as much as I can about the art of screenwriting.

It’s harder than it seems!  

I had to find resources that would help me figure out how to properly format and pace the stories I am trying to tell in this new medium. It seems like it took forever to find the real, credible ones offered by industry professionals. Most of the resources I initially found were crazy expensive. And for most of us, especially now, $Money$ is an obstacle.  So I kept looking.

Here’s a list of links that I am personally using to educate/help myself through the process of screenwriting, working to build a career in film and television. If you’re a novelist, well, they’ve got stuff for you, too!

Each site has a ton of FREE resources, so be sure to check them out! 

ISA: scroll to the bottom of the page and create a free account to get FREE (and paid) resources for writing in all mediums! The site has listings for contests, festivals, free online classes, and more! My favorite are the free (live on zoom!) online classes offered by industry pros.

FilmFreeway:  If you’re like me and you’ve already got a screenplay or two and are trying to build a resume, FilmFreeway offers a plethora of contests, both free and paid. I’ve entered a couple of contests so far. We’ll see what happens!

Sundance Collab: This is my most recent find and it’s amazing! There are so many resources that I am just discovering, but so far the only ones I have looked at are the amazing video lessons (pre-recorded) given by industry professionals. They are not just writers, either. In the MASTERCLASS tab, there’s a number of free videos that offer truly helpful information about what to expect on a set, in a writer’s room, working on Indie v Studio films. Don’t expect a stiff professor and a whiteboard, though. This is offered by Showrunners and writers who have written and worked on sets for shows/movies you have actually heard of!

Arc Studio Pro: For a limited time, they’re offering FREE screenwriting software! This is a crazy-good deal that anyone who’s mystified by the formatting, or being held back by the price of screenwriting software can take advantage of right now! You can get the app on your laptop/desktop, or work from the cloud. The software also offers ways of using cards and outlines for the more organized writer. It’s a must when creating a professional-looking draft.

Young Screenwriters: This was the first place I found a free and credible online course (Write Your Short) for new screenwriters.  It’s a series of videos, lessons, and printable handouts offered by a professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Even if you’re writing a movie or TV show,  I recommend this course. It’s easy, quick, and insightful; gives you a lot to think about, using easy to understand examples.


If you find this helpful, let me know in the comments below. If you’ve got a trusted, free, or inexpensive resource, post that, too!

4 thoughts on “Resources for Writers

  1. These are amazing resources and screenwriting has been something I’ve been interested in for some time now. Not that I want to succeed in the field or anything. I just want to know more about the different niches in my craft. Thanks for sharing!

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