Inspiration Friday

(Yeah, I totally made-up that headline.) 

I’m a naturally upbeat person


I’m the annoying friend that you purposely avoid when you wanna complain because I will find that silver-lining on your cloudy day and rub your stinking nose in it. (What do you mean, ‘tone it down’?) 

 I am a firm believer in the power of the compliment


I give them all the time. Unabashedly. Because the world will never be short of negative thinkers and a little positivity goes a long way. So, this morning whilst trolling for positive news stories I came across the following and thought it deserved a share.


An emotionally drained parent posted this photo of a napkin with the caption, “Went out for lunch and found out my meal had already been paid for. I really needed this, things aren’t always easy.”

The note reads:

I have enjoyed watching your precious children & how they interact with one another. I had 1 older sister & 2 younger brothers. My sister & 1 brother have passed away & I miss them terribly. It is always fun to imagine how we were as children & how mom handled all of us. You are obviously doing a great job….. big brother even shared his pickles voluntarily.

God blessed me this morning with a few extra dollars & I’d like to spread the blessing because your family was a blessing to me as I enjoyed my lunch.

Keep doing what you’re doing with them and the world will have 3 more great adults one day.

A Mom & Grandmother.

He added: “I appreciated reading this at a time where I felt challenged as a parent. That said, I have truly enjoyed being able to share it with others because a deed like this rarely gets the recognition it deserves.”



I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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