Back and Forth

I’m reblogging the following post from Alina’s Corner because the topic–going back and moving forward–spoke to me.tumblr_inline_mri087ufdg1qz4rgpI myself will be doing a little ‘going back’ this fall. I’ve enrolled at my local JC to brush up on my English Literature studies.
It’s scary, going back after being out of school for SOOO long, but I’m doing it!


Alina's Corner

When you do something for a long time, unsurprisingly you get better at it. Thus the old adage ‘practice makes perfect’. But there are often times when we stop practicing something for one reason or another and our skill level drops, which is often frustrating when you return to it.

It’s not a matter of inspiration or lack thereof that I’m referring to. That may be why we stop, but it’s not why we don’t start again (although we may use that as an excuse). For me it’s not being able to do things to the standard I was able to do them before. For example, painting, sketching, drawing, all the things I used to do (mostly because I had to for my GCSE/As level course work) without thinking. It was a matter of sitting down and drawing something as the alternative was getting a poor grade. Now, after a…

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