A Simple guide to planning a novel – Part 2

I know, dear readers, that I’ve been virtually nonexistent this week and I’m am sorry. But I did not drop off the face of the planet.

See, Christmas week is a BIG week for me, personally. Bigger than most I daresay.



See today is my sweet nephews birthday.
Tomorrow is my oldest sons birthday.
Christmas Eve, we go out of town to celebrate my mother and father in-laws 1000th wedding anniversary (They’ve been married forever and it’s freaking adorable!).
And then of course, the next day is the world wide observance of JC’s birthday.

In preparation for all of that, I haven’t really had time for blogging. BUT… Georgia Cromarty of thewritingchimp.com has!


So, without further ado, here is Part Two of her fascinating post, A Simple Guide to Writing a Novel…

The Writing Chimp

In the first instalment of my Simple guide to planning a novel, we completed some pre-work and explored our character timelines. For each character we should have a rough list of events.

I should probably start part 2 with another confession, creating a framework is incredibly dull, and there is even a little maths! Think of it as a necessary evil, and something we just need to get through before we can enjoy being creative again. So, stick with it. I promise next week will be much more fun.

Planning a novel - creating a framework

The framework holds the building blocks of our story, which we will later pin all our events from the character timelines on to, and for this we need two important counts:

  • word count for the novel
  • word count for the chapters

Step 1 – Novel Word Count

Word counts for books are not necessarily cast in stone, but it is worth being aware…

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I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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