Book Review: Triptych: Delusions Of Love By Rose Gluck

Today’s book review is a novella, entitled Tryptich: Delusions of Love by Rose Gluck

Three stories. Three different Women. In ‘Love Letters to Herself’ a young woman contemplates her relationship with her stalker. Their bond is unnerving as they move through shadows together. ‘Tricky Day for You’ explores the turning point in a teenage girl’s life when she realizes the power of her sexuality. ‘I Will Remember Your Taking’ is a stream of consciousness vignette depicting the sensuality and longing deep below a woman’s consciousness. Each of these short reads juxtaposes sexuality with danger. They share a common theme: surrender to delusional love. ‘Triptych: Delusions of Love’ is contemporary women’s fiction that explores sexuality through the darker lens of psychology.

EXCERPT: Her long blond hair swayed back and forth and she kept moving to the beat while she pointed. I turned. I couldn’t really recognize anyone. 

…That’swhen I saw a guy waving back. It was Steve Smith, one of the old football players from Margaret’s high school class: the old football player who graduated last year. This group either hadn’t gone to college at all or were going to Southeastern Mass, the college nearby. I could clearly see that Eddie Mills was there.   

My Thoughts:

I know that, technically, this is # 3 in an ongoing series, but I did not read the first 2 and missed nothing. As the blurb tells you this is a compilation of three uniques love stories. AKA: this novella is a stand-alone, but Rose Gluck has such a way with words that I reccommend reading all her stuff, as I intend to do.

Now let’s get to this review!

Tryptich was romantic and sad. It was … sweet and cynical.

It was like …

You know what reading these three stories was like?

wpid-bruce-lee-cool.gifYeah, kinda like getting kicked in the head, but in the best way!

It was like a thin, powerful beam of light had shined down into the lives of three people, illuminating just a sliver of three very full lives. The light is the authors writing, showing us every girl filled with regret, every rat scurrying through a back alley, every woman struggling with her shadows.

lighthouse_bright_beams_by_christi_dove-d50s884The way Rose Gluck writes, we can see it all, within her scope. And I found that every time a story ended I was a little sad. By the end, I still wanted more of each one and I think that says alot about the authors ability to connect with readers.

I give Triptych 5 Stars!


*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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