Word-y Wednesday

I’m a writer. I like words and stuff.


Sometimes, when I’m reading books by other authors, I come across words that stick with me. Most times those words are ones that aren’t in regular rotation (not used very often) or I just don’t know what they mean, so I look them up at dictionary.com.

Todays’s post is dedicated to this word: Redolent.  I was reading … I think it was something by Malcolm Gladwell … when I came across this word and I just liked the sound of it.

I thought, “Why do I never hear anyone use this word? It’s so cool.”


Here’s what it means:

Redolent [red-l-uh nt] : adjective

1. having a pleasant odor; fragrant.

2. odorous or smelling (usually followed by of):

redolent of garlic.

3. suggestive; reminiscent (usually followed by of):

verse redolent of Shakespeare.

Well, I feel like we’ve all learned something here …


I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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