Book Review: September Rain: Book 2 Savor The Days Series by A. R. Rivera

I am reblogging the great review of my second novel, September Rain . . .

Rachel Author Barnard


September Rain: Book 2 Savor The Days Series by A. R. Rivera

A Suspense/Contemporary Romance Novel published by Amazon Digital Services (05/05/15)


“Because I knew that the small stuff is what destroys a person. Only with Angel, nothing was ever small. Even the littlest things were mountains in her mind. She would sweat everything and the more her troubles piled up, the more I felt the need to drive them away because just watching Angel try to deal with stress was painful.” – Avery (Kindle Locations 3011-3014).

Angel Patel is in jail for something that her best friend Avery did, even if she’s indirectly at fault. It has been six years and Angel has slowly come to terms with being behind bars, because she blames herself for what happened. During another one of her case reviews, the story and the fascinating twist will come to light that may even surprise Angel…

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