Works In Progress: Update

I recently decided to be a little more spontaneous when I’m writing. Not that my writing is structured, per se. I mean, I could not construct an outline to save my life. bang-your-headWell, maybe . . . if it really would save a life.

Anyhoo, as I have mentioned here on my blog before and in some of my author interviews, I am actively working on three books. That is the most I have endeavored to work on. Ever. In the past, I have let the ideas swirl in my head while I steadily pounded out one manuscript at a time. The ideas would serve as a source of punishment as well as reward in times when I struggled for that perfect sentence and/or motivation to hurry the heck up and declare my book finished after my fiftieth round of editing.

But like I said, I’m trying something new: Literary multi-tasking. Yeah,I’m pretending like this is a new concept. Just go with it.

tumblr_inline_nb3k5b7XSh1qeyv8eAs far as my three works go:

ICYI, leave a comment below or hit me up on my Contact Page

#1 is pretty much finished. It’s my first sci-fi endeavor and the first in a new trilogy. I’m currently looking for beta-readers who like science fiction-y type stuff (think FRINGE meets Doctor WHO) to offer feedback on this one. hint… hint… hint…

wpid-anigif_enhanced-buzz-2840-1375733048-13.gif#2 is NOVEMBER MOURNING. It’s not actually about zombies. It’s the third book in my Savor The Days Series and it’s all about Rhys Matthews, aka Evan. I am working most actively on this one, but don’t want #3 to fall by the wayside.

#3 will be the fourth book in the Savor series, and is called JANUARY BREAKING at this point. The title will most likely change.

The whole point to this new form of literary discipline is to become a more prolific and overall faster writer. I don’t like taking two years plus to write a novel. Thus, I have decided to schedule myself to write one chapter a week for this third title. And I will be posting them to my wattpad page as I go, since this book will lean more toward category romance than the stuff I have done in the past and I’d like to try it out on the public before I take it to print.

That’s all for now.

In the meantime, don’t forget:


I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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