The Selection by Kiera Cass

I am re-blogging this book review because I LOVE The Selection novels by Kiera Cass and this is a great review of the first in the trilogy.

Mariella Hunt

The_Selection_CoverFind on Goodreads

Every now and then a book shows up all over my news feed on every social network with a really enticing cover (and often featuring a beautiful dress.)

It’s a book everyone seems to have read except me and often there is a love-hate division; on Goodreads, The Selection has a pretty set line of love-hate, but unlike other books I’ve encountered like this in the past, I really enjoyed The Selection.

I can understand why some people left less-than-positive reviews on Goodreads if we’re trying to compare it to The Hunger Games. Some similar ideas are played with in The Selection, but in an almost completely different setting. There’s no fight-to-the-literal-death here.

It’s basically a beauty pageant–with higher stakes. The winner becomes queen. Simple, right?

Unlike many others, I didn’t find it a frilly or stupid read. I found in it a straightforward plot; the simplicity of the…

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