Contest – Chance to Win $5 and/or $50 – Just Read and Review!

This is a really great and unique contest idea! I’m always up for helping out Indie authors get book reviews, so I’m reblogging to spread the word. THe more entries, the more reviews! Right?

Rachel Author Barnard

Hello Blog Readers!

This is Rachel Barnard here. I’m hosting several contests on my blog here I wanted to let you know about. I wanted to give back to the readers and support great Indie authors, so I’ve come up with a contest to do both!

My first type of contest runs new monthly; with one in June, July, August, September, October, and November. All you have to do is purchase a book! Not just any book, though, one from my reviews list that I’ve rated 4.5 stars or higher. Here are your current options to choose from:

25071245 The Moon Dwellers The Moon Dwellers Anthology 2014 final cover front download download 10792088 18713534 22088071 20740689 19234822 23455158 22723013 w3 cache a predator 22405819 rosehead Hourglass download 9a4cec6bc46f349b94b2e9d77a90ef69 13688210-256-k293634 Mina_Cortez 23355539 91742WCOFsL._SL1500_ Irkadura+Cover+Final+Front+Web+Square mt conspiracy mind space book 2 BookCover-Conspiracy-TheMartyrs moment before dear20miklos20cover 18857685 don'tCallmekitkat 25464248 22495436 13624643 18734385 22454741 first find THE TREEMAKERS 2ND ED COVER 24129803 concubine 23397698 siren suicides 22587122 2 roots entwine kansas connection mistress

I’ll be adding…

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I'd love to know your thoughts on this . . .

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