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I’m reblogging this post because I love Diane Muniers work. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

Diane Munier

If you haven’t viewed the site Robsessed lately you’ve been missing out. Miss Tink and the girls over there have been writing and posting their little hearts out in support of Robert Pattinson. Do you want to laugh and have a smile on your face? Go to Robsessed and read Tink’s article: Seeing Robert Pattinson in the Flesh is What Sweet Robsessed Dreams are Made of.

Tink is quite the writer. Whenever she ‘sees Pattinson’s flesh’ I mean sees him IN the flesh, she goes silent. In this story we learn it can also mean (spoiler alert) semi-silent hysterical laughter. You DO NOT want to miss this encounter as told through Tink’s adoring eyes.

Miss Tink has also been incredibly generous to me. Robsessed is sponsoring a book giveaway for Darnay Road and Finding My Thunder. For two weeks you can enter to win BOTH BOOKS! One drawing, two books.

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