How you can write a book on fragmented time

This is a great post, hitting directly on some of the points I made in my own post earlier today.
So, I’m reblogging…

Belinda Williams

Ask any writer what’s at the top of their wish list (behind a publishing contract) and they’ll most likely tell you they’d love to write full-time. They’ll lament their full-time/part-time job, their unpaid parenting work, and other general unavoidable responsibilities which form a barrier to writing.

And I completely agree: they suck. Not very eloquent of me, I know. Forgive me, I’ve had one of those weeks.

Time Confetti: the party animal of your writing life

Recently I read a fantastic article in the Sydney Morning Herald about how women have to deal with fragmented time. It’s here in case you’re interested.

In the article, the author referred to fragmented time as Time Confetti. I loved that. Because that’s how my life feels a lot of the time. A little bit of blue confetti over here. A sprinkle of pink over there. Yellow, red, orange, blue, green . . . shit, that…

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